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Ask a stupid question, Get a stupid answer back.

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No. it's all a lie. She actually collects them, and crushes them into a fine powder. She then snorts them. It's turned into a serious substance abuse. I've tried to help but she refuses therapy, claiming "it's natural, and i'm not abusing it" right before she walked out to the beach and screamed "AAAAHHHHH! The ocean is attacking me!!!" and continued to punch waves....poor sally...

How should i help her?

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Ok, first you need to buuild a rocket. not terribly huge. enough to make orbit and back. then you must manually fly the rocket into orbit WITHOUT blowing up. now, once in orbit, pinpoint the location of said dropped item, and perform a precise deorbit burn. continue through reentry and pop the chutes. once you have landed within 10 feet of said object, exit the capsule, with of course the awesome hissing sound that happens when you open a vacuum seal, walk out like a boss and pick up said dropped item.

I'm bored. what should i do?

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First, you acquire some rubidium. Then, you add this to a recipe that is four parts egg, two parts milk, six parts flour, three parts water, and one part pure carbon. Then, you dispose of this concoction using a waste bin. Be sure not to accidentally get your manhood lodged into a ceiling fan during this process.

How does one simply walk into Mordor?

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minor correction, calculated pi to 46446226 decimals, broke the space-time continuum, closed a wormhole in Area 51
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