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Operation Crest - KNSC Operation Report


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Operation Crest was to setup permanent science/mining base on the mun. After much construction, Burns, Tests, Fails and General Havoc, We finally managed To make Operation Crest a Success, Not without trouble. Here's how it went and what we did.

KNSC's First landing on the mun was the first day of the KNSC's Great Journey. Once we knew that kerbins SOL Was poorly protected and that KSC Before KNSC, KSC Never focused on defending the SOL, Is how we we're formed. So we needed to start with the mun.

After KNSC's First Successful Jool Discovery we need to get scientists on the mun to search for anything that may be of importance to us when we cant.

For this very reason Operation Crest Was formed, The first of many operations of colonization to come. So our first design was a ship called the Dawn of Space Without very much expirience we did what we could. It was a simple design As a real life one would look like a can like design. 3-4 Lander Cans and 4 Landing legs, On a rocket our design plan was simple: Create the main base part, Strap some decouplers strap the main base part to the rocket that will make it go to mun then once we're in a good enough position get vertical and drop the main base part, We knew that if it was going to fast it would blow up, We anticipated this by putting engines on it so it could control its descend speed. This would be a 3-4 or more launch colonization, All bringing a certain part of the base. Once our final design was ready, We tested it on a test burn it was going good so far, Then we had complications of the descending drop. I lacked to remember to add alot of fuel tanks so we didn't have enough fuel to descend with. The test was a failure. There was alot more failures i won't write about to sake the heavy writing. But finally one design worked the same plan but with more fuel and with things we didn't need just to be safe. So at the end of the mission our base was a success. After tons of explosions we finally got it.

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