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[Updated] Minmus & Company: The consequences of planetary sentience

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This is a comic strip series I'm making called Minmus & Company. As the name suggests, it's a Kerbal Space Program comic focused not on the Kerbals; rather, on the many planets and moons surrounding the game. It is inspired by both Samio85's Planet Comics, which have a similar principle, but features planets from the real world instead(and having better graphics), and Polandball/Countryballs, where it has the same principle of the previous two, but revolving around Earth's countries instead, and promotes the art style for both other comics. (Both, however, are NSFW)

The main plot of the comics revolve around Kerbin and Minmus. Occasionally, other planets/muns will be featured as the main characters instead, but more often than not, they'll be secondary or tertiary characters. Additionally, a new group of characters - the quaternary characters - are used as characters that will only be mentioned, mostly because there are no exploitable sprites for them, and I'm too underskilled to make ones myself.

The space backgrounds are made by Samio85, not me. The planet sprites are taken from the KSP Wiki and screenshots.







Inspired by this Polandball comic.


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THE CAST (As of 24/4/15, some of this information has been changed)

Primary Characters - As stated, these ones are the main characters.

Name: Kerbin

Status: Large rocky planet

Gender: Male

Quote: "Despite having several reasons to be a prick, I prefer to be more humble."

Personality: Friendly, but socially awkward when around girls

Likes: The Space Program, Eve, telling stories to Minmus

Dislikes: Pollution, the Mun, being hit by asteroids, the Kethane Mining Program

Relationships: Father of Mun and Minmus, best friends with Eve. Has a secret crush on Eve.

Name: Minmus

Status: Captured unknown object

Gender: Female

Quote: "All I want is to have some fun!"

Personality: Cheerful, curious, childish

Likes: Gilly, Kerbin, the Space Program, having visits from Kerbals

Dislikes: The Mun, being eclipsed by the Mun, being tasted

Relationships: Daughter of Kerbin, younger sister of the Mun. Best friends with Gilly.

Secondary Characters - These characters' appearances are not as common as Primary ones, but are still worthy of being recognized.

Name: The Mun

Status: Medium rocky moon

Gender: Female

Quote: "Get out of my surface. I don't need another crater."

Personality: Brash, rude, grumpy.

Likes: Tormenting Kerbin with tidal waves, unleashing her rage on another body.

Dislikes: Minmus, Kerbals, meteors, having a base planted in her surface

Relationships: Daughter of Kerbin, older sister of Minmus. Dislikes them both.

Name: Eve

Status: Large rocky planet

Gender: Female

Quote: "Look, if you think I chose to have this thick atmosphere, then you have to learn a lot on astronomy. If I could I'd have an atmosphere as thin as Duna's. So shut up."

Personality: Quiet, keeps to herself, quite easily irritated.

Likes: Gilly, Kerbin, high gravity, being understood

Dislikes: Being accused of intentionally having a thick atmosphere and high gravity

Relationships: Adoptive mother of Gilly, best friends with Kerbin

Name: Gilly

Status: Captured asteroid

Gender: Male

Quote: "I'm a space potato!"

Personality: Joyful, curious, somewhat aloof

Likes: Minmus, Eve, messing around, defying laws of gravity

Dislikes: Serious bodies, being treated like a baby by Eve

Relationships: Adoptive son of Eve, best friends with Minmus

Name: Duna

Status: Medium rocky planet

Gender: Female

Quote: "You know what; despite everything, I miss being a moon of Jool."

Personality: Impatient, Hot-headed; pratically explodes over the smallest thing. When away from Ike, she's friendly and studious.

Likes: Jool, being a moon, pratically anything as long as it is away from Ike.

Dislikes: Ike. Nothing else.

Relationships: Third oldest child of Jool, friends with Dres.

Name: Ike

Status: Small rocky moon

Gender: Male

Quote: "Enemy object detected."

Personality: Overprotective, hateful and clingy. Thinks that he is Duna's boyfriend. Secretly just has confidence issues and wants to be loved.

Likes: Duna, destroying space vessels, being alone with Duna.

Dislikes: Kerbals, space vessels, pratically anything that dares approach Duna.

Relationships: One-sided love relation with Duna, enemies with the Kerbal Space Center.

Tertiary Characters - Characters that appear even less commonly than Secondary Characters, but still appear regardless.

Name: Kerbol/Sun

Status: Star

Gender: Male

Quote: "Production equals income. Income equals salary. Salary means everyone wins."

Personality: Honest, authoritarian. Likes money, but is well-experienced to not fall in the pittrap of corruption. Practically, a benevolent boss.

Likes: Moho, wealth, work, honest bodies, politics.

Dislikes: Sleazers, corruption, greed.

Relationships: Founder of Sol Star Superdivision, a diverse corporation where he's the boss of Moho, Eve, Kerbin, Duna and Jool. Friends with Moho.

Name: Moho

Status: Small rocky planet

Gender: Male

Quote: "Sometimes I feel like I was born in the wrong generation."

Personality: Nostalgic, hates the current generation, often seen wearing sunglasses.

Likes: Being respected, other nostalgic bodies

Dislikes: Being told to live out of the past

Relationships: Friends with Kerbol

Name: Dres

Status: Large asteroid

Gender: Male

Quote: "Oh no, do continue counting 'Kerbin, Duna, Jool and Eeloo'. It's not like I care being ignored."

Personality: Angry, very short temper, even shorter than Duna's.

Likes: Being recognized, being visited by Kerbals, exotic locations, having company of other asteroids.

Dislikes: Being ignored, being assumed to be a criminal thanks to his eyepatch.

Relationships: Friends with Duna, best friends with other asteroids.

Name: Jool

Status: Large Gas Planet

Gender: Male

Quote: "I'm surprised I can keep a stable job with five children."

Personality: Quiet, generous, but often intimidating. Likes to adopt abandoned moons and asteroids.

Likes: Comforting Eeloo, Helping others in need, adopting abandoned celestial bodies, assisting Kerbals to aerobrake.

Dislikes: Being falsely accused of being a thug.

Relationships: Father of Laythe, Vall, Tylo, Bop, Pol, Duna and Eeloo

Name: Laythe

Status: Medium rocky moon

Gender: Female

Quote: "Oh look, guys, I have an atmosphere! What, you thought I didn't have an atmosphere? Silly Kerbals, thinking moons don't have atmospheres! Blah blah blah blah..."

Personality: Diva, obsessed with atmospheres, extremely talkative, social butterfly

Likes: Jool, Bragging about her atmosphere and oceans

Dislikes: Tylo, atmosphereless bodies, oceanless bodies, ugly moons like Tylo

Relationships: Second oldest child of Jool, one-sided hate relation with Tylo

Name: Vall

Status: Small ice moon

Gender: Female

Quote: "This is a spiffy morning, old chaps, and there isn't any better morning than one with tea."

Personality: Classy, elegant, well-dressed.

Likes: Being educated, having a giant mug of space tea, sharing discussion with Bop and Jool

Dislikes: Ineducated bodies like Pol, Ike and Laythe.

Relationships: Middle child of Jool, friends with Bop

Name: Tylo

Status: Large rocky moon

Gender: Male

Quote: "I don't care."

Personality: Quiet, careless, loner.

Likes: Being alone, crashing Kerbal landers.

Dislikes: Being with others.

Relationships: Oldest child of Jool.

Name: Bop

Status: Captured asteroid

Gender: Male

Quote: "Why is it that nobody defensd me from Pol?"

Personality: Unstable, somewhat left-out

Likes: The Kraken.

Dislikes: Pol, feeling like he's left alone with Pol

Relationships: Second youngest child of Jool.

Name: Pol

Status: Captured asteroid

Gender: Male

Quote: "Eeeeeeeee..."

Personality: Mentally disabled, somewhat cannibalistic

Likes: Stars, drooling, imagining things, nomming on Bop.

Dislikes: Pol's core brain is incapable of processing the word "Dislike".

Relationships: Youngest child of Jool.

Name: Eeloo

Status: Small dwarf planet

Gender: Female

Quote: "I guess nobody will understand me..."

Personality: Shy, quiet, socially awkward. Afraid of other planets.

Likes: Being comforted by Jool, being visited by Kerbals.

Dislikes: Being completely alone in the dark, harsh, cold vacuum of space.

Relationships: Third youngest daughter of, and best friends with Jool.

Quaternary Characters - Those characters don't actually appear in the comics, but rather are mentioned. They're all fan-made planets.

Name: Ablate

Gender: Asexual

Personality: ???

Name: Acension

Gender: Asexual

Personality: Hyperactive, unable to orbit slowly. Uses this to deliver messages to other bodies.

Name: Sentar

Gender: Female

Personality: Friendly, humble, but obsessed with beauty.

Name: Urania

Gender: Male

Personality: The 'odd' planet of the system. Urania's unusually happy at all times while talking in weird manners. He's also known to be very greedy.

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That new last one is brilliant.

This would be cool to see done with hyperedit.

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Tw1, you are a genius.

In other news, PLEASE keep up with these, they're hilarious and I love them as much as dannys videos :D

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Commissioner Tadpole +rep

good job! I always liked the countryball comics, and your comics remind me of them.

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You know, I'm considering to reboot this by drawing the comics by hand, scanning them to the computer and colouring them with a tool like Paint.NET. Unfortunately, my scanner is broken, so I'd have to just rely on posting a photo of the comic while colourless and uploading it here.

Would you all rather the comics continue with the stylistic suckish copy-and-paste strategy I've always used, or be hand-made in gray and white?

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Ooh, 3 new(to me ones)


You don't insult Tylo. EVER!

I would rather the latter option of black and white.

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Ooh, 3 new(to me ones)


You don't insult Tylo. EVER!

I would rather the latter option of black and white.

Fair choice; with this, I can actually add new planets to the comics. As the Christmas comics mention, I pretend to add the StarSystems mod to the comic, involving Billy-Haddrick(the "mayor") Dolas(Kerbol's love interest) and Corbo(Kerbol's rival).

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That christmas one was pretty awesome.

I hope Kerbin manages to get its debts paid off.

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I've been lurking this thread for a bit, and I just want to say these rock!

Keep making!

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