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Everything is just, messed up.


EDIT ****************

Figured out it was DebRefund, don't know how a simple mod like that can cause so many problems, but be careful guys!


So I decided to install a bunch of mods for a cool challenge I wanted to do. I spent some time making sure the mods were compatible and up to date and all that, but nothing seems to solve this. Basically whenever I try to launch a spacecraft, it goes to the launch pad, but it bugs out and either shows a blackish screen, or it shows the planet Kerbin, and when I click any of the menu buttons or any of the exit game buttons, nothing happens.

Reproduction steps.

1. Start up KSP.

2. Start a new game, or open a save, doesn't matter.

3. Go to the vehicle assembly building.

4. Build any kind of space craft.

5. Click launch and bam, there it is.

Here's a rough mod list:

- 000-Toolbar

- Active Texture Management

- B9_Areospace Pack

- CommunityResourcePack

- CrossFeedEnabler

- Custom Biomes

- Deadly Reentry

- DebRefund

- Distant Objects

- DMagic Orbital Sience

- Enhanced Navball

- EnviromentalVisualEnhancements

- Exraplanatory Launchpads

- Ferram Areospace

- Fine Print

- Firespitter

- Infernal Robotics



- Kerbal Construction Time

- Kerbal Joint Reinforcment

- Mission Controller Extended



- Precise Node

- ProceduralFairings

- RCS Sounds

- RCS BuildAid

- Real Chute

- ScanSat

- TAC Life Support

- TweakScale

- Universl Storage

- Vessel View

- Vanguard Parachutes

Here's a picture of what happens: http://imgur.com/h6cao35

And here's an output file of the last time the error occurred: http://www./view/3eo4xd24adaqp2k/output_log.txt

Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance!

Notes: I also tried to run this in x64 JUSt to see if that had Anything to do with it, same thing happened though.

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