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  1. Hello my old friend.

    Can you help me?

    Soon I´m going to release the new patch version and I don´t know which text file I´ve to introduce about the license.

    Currently I´ve included only this:

    \GameData\LanguagePatches\LICENSE.txt   (MIT)

    But for example, In the root of the file "KSP_Deutsch_Patch-3.0.zip" they also have their own license "All rights reserved".

    Which one should I put here?? ... Should I put my current license?? (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)

    I don´t know.. :(

    1. simon56modder


      You put whatever license you wish for the translation content. However, you should mention that the LangPatches Framework is under MIT license, not the one your translation content is under ! :)


    2. fitiales


      OK. thanks!!

      A question.
      How can I get the textual content of the game without having to write it?

    3. Thomas P.

      Thomas P.

      You put this into a .cfg file in GameData. Make sure you dont have any other translations there, just this file

          debug = true

      This will create logfiles in KSPDIR/Logs/LanguagePatches/

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