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  1. Granted, but it comes to life, builds a rocket and smashes it into your face.
  2. each Dragon vehicle can carry 7 people so 142\'857 $ each person. Not EXTREMELY much.... let\'s say you gain 7000$ each month (Not sure if you do, just an estimate) and you save 1000$ out of that then you could go to mars after 11 years... At least you won\'t go to mars after 300 years
  3. doesn\'t mean I still will have the hardest head in the world.
  4. my head WHY WHY WHY GOD WHY Meh. I\'ll have the hardest head in the world.
  5. Hello. How do you get past a defense system of a heavily guarded facility?
  6. Granted, that is if by thread you meant world and by posting you mean talking. The world is silent. I wish for Star Trek to be real (and that Kreuzung isn\'t the one granting it)
  7. You go to level 114, and find a parrot that is drawing a giant Rube Goldberg machine
  8. asin(0,87461970713939580028463695866108)
  9. You didn\'t grant it at all, so this is invalid. Oh, and just so I am evil & all You do, but you are now in a space shuttle going straight to the sun because some idiots thought that you could make the sun live longer (and prosper!)
  10. *brings up RP map of Itaalicia R.P.' *ah* Arrinium
  11. Granted, but the portal malfunctions during your teleportation and half of you ends up in equestria and half of you somewhere else. Not a pleasant fate... I wish for Star Trek to be real.
  12. Now you just need someone to make a nebula part.
  13. Between what time is the server up? also could you give a DIRECT IP? (dvc.name doesn\'t work..)
  14. I\'m now determined to find out where the major malfunction is with the vectors and thrust clamp, and I went and registered that copy of MSVC#. I\'m all out of bubblegum now, and I\'m about to put on my angry pointers. It was a line I didn\'t want to cross, but the code just wouldn\'t listen. I just wanted to say, this is all YOUR fault, Damnyoujapan! Angry pointers? int *angry; //FTW
  15. Did you notice that the Ausplane launch vehicle looks like an SpaceX Falcon Heavy? )
  16. Could you release a version where every change is given to the server? I am going to host on the RP forum and.. well... people will sometimes send missiles at each other.
  17. Add me for tester Edit: I\'d also add myself as coder if I didn\'t have such a tight schedule right now (until the 5th April)...
  18. The RP forum is crazy The ocean is blue What\'s going on I must ask you
  19. I think it looks good BTW if you want to make better textures you should use GIMP and do the following: > Fill with grey/a colour you want to look like it\'s metal > noise (change it until you like it) > new layer > render -> cloud > make the new layer be transparent > done. Enjoy Check my pack if you want to see an example
  20. And now latest news from Niveus RAes Publica... more space shuttles mqnufactured
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