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  1. On 7/15/2016 at 6:25 PM, TriggerAu said:

    Some good stuff in there @bewing.

    If you liked my previous suggestion, maybe you'll like this one too. If we could somehow make one great big checkoff list of bug reports, which indicates that at least ONE bughunter has looked at each report closely -- that may be very helpful in reducing duplication of effort. Something we could edit ourselves to indicate we had looked at one of them.

    And as far as feedbacks goes: you should print them all out on some paper to use for ideas for upgrading future versions of KSP, and then remove them from the bugtracker (probably by marking them 'Acknowledged' -- the way many were done during the pre-release.) At the moment they add a little too much clutter to the bugtracker, and you have to pay close attention to what is a feedback vs. bug report when scanning the list by eye.


  2. I have been going through a few ancient bug reports over the last months and marking some resolved -- marking others as "still present in 1.1.3" in the comments. The problem is that some of them are very system specific. Graphics effects that only appear on Macs and Linux are things I can't test or verify. If you want to spend some bughunting time efficiently, then you should concentrate on the ones that only you have the ability to test.

    Many of the bug reports are marked as "resolved" in the comments by the authors of the bug reports (because they did not have the ability to close the issue themselves at that time). If you guys would just cull those ones out in a preliminary sweep, I think that would reduce the count a lot.

    One suggestion that I would make is that the voting system has only been implemented recently. That means that any bug that has votes is one that still exists. That would give us an easy way of marking bugs that are still around. If you would just make some explicit policy about votes. Either votes mark bugs that still exist, or votes add urgency to a particular bug report. And then Anquietas and I can go mark a lot of stuff.

    In some sense, we need some feedback, though, on which bug reports have even been looked at. As said above, some of them have been sitting there for 4 years, and don't have a single comment by a dev. If they have been looked into, but seem to be too hard to fix at the moment -- even knowing that is better than silence.


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