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  1. Dark,

    I noticed the Tick Rate was set at 5. I was wondering if there was a way to bump that up to say 10 or 15. I can understand that it might be set low for Servers with alot of players. But I was wondering if it could be done of if there is a setting for it for smaller private servers. Thankyou in advance, and I apperciate the work you have done.

  2. Riftmann : Oh great. Then maybe you did read that I added a fix yesterday. Obvouisly it does not work but I did work on it. It's people like you that made me take a 3 weeks break from this. Always complaining and not helping all.

    Fix it yourself ...


    I have been using your MechJeb since I first started playing in 0.17. Your algorithms helped get me into space, perform basic orbital maneuvers, land on the moon and host of other things. Thanks to you a game that would have been daunting and unplayable suddenly became open and available. Pretty soon I understood all the things I needed to do. All the while watching MechJeb grow alongside KSP becoming better. Next thing I knew I was no longer relying on you for my enjoyment. But please do not worry, I still have you with me on nearly every mission. I have even extended into unintended uses. I have can now use MechJeb on missiles and repeatedly hit within 20m's of the target. All in All I couldn't have done it without you and I thank you.

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