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  1. Hi!

    I've been playing for over two years now, but I am a completely sucky player. So, I've decided to get into mods to make my game more interesting, because I am not creative enough to make do with stock parts. I turn to you, O mighty Forums - what mods and plugins do you suggest to make my game more interesting, but not more difficult? For example, I don't want one of those planet rescale mods, because I have enough trouble making it out of a tiny orbit alone. However, I would be fine with re-entry and all that.

    What do you suggest?

  2. Once I drew a diagram called the "Ultimate Axis Under Two", which showed this:

    A spacecraft orbiting the moon of a moon, which is in a binary orbit with a second moon, which itself has another moon and spacecraft orbiting that second moon. Then, the two moons were orbiting a planet, which was orbiting around a dual star system. The stars are orbiting around the centre of the galaxy, and those around a cluster, and that around a supercluster, and around a black hole, which is going around the universe.

    Therefore, the original spacecraft is orbiting around 10 different axes, including its own centre of gravity.

    My science is probably at least slightly wrong, what with a cluster going around a supercluster and whatnot, but I don't care about the physics.

  3. Screen%20Shot%202012-10-12%20at%205.34.56%20PM.png

    Just something I threw together with some PNG's and text. I could definitely make it more refined and attractive in the future. However, I have little artistic ability, so I'm stuck with PNG arranging for now.

    Otherwise, it's a handy mnemonic guide for remembering the planet's names and how moons they have, shown by a star. Unfortunately, they're out of order because I forgot Jool, and so replaced Kerbol with it, and then rotated it so that Kerbin was on top. I may add the names of the moons someday. Kerbol is the star in the middle.

    I just wanted to put this up here for now, as a WIP.

  4. I've played a couple times. I've recently been more interested in, y'know, beating the game, but I tend to throw my computer out the window whenever there's just a little static. I've been looking at success guides and whatnot, and I'm quite interested in the other Slender games, such as Sanitorium and Elementary.

  5. Damn you, Wasteland. I made this thread long, long ago, and I got half the people you have acquired in a day, in a month!

    Anyways, if anyone cares, please join the group "KSP Players and Forumers". It is the largest amassment of KSP players on the net, besides the forums.

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