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Found 2 results

  1. So, I've been scouring CKAN for mods that don't seem to be getting any love these days. It's difficult considering that a lot of the creators don't leave behind an email address or anything. However, I am really interested in learning how to program and mod; how best to learn than with my favorite game and it's respective community. Now, I could look through the 1,900-some-odd incompatible mods on CKAN or I thought I could come here and see if there are any mods you all wish were still supported because you enjoyed having the content. Point me in the direction of a mod (particularly a plugin or simple part mod, conducive for learning) that has been opened up for adoption and I'll take a look and try to contact the mod author. Thanks for the help and hopefully I'll be able to bring some of your favorite content back to life and learn along the way!
  2. I thought some parts from Making History (specifically the round pods) were overpowered so I made this little modlet to fix that. Downloads, documentation, source code, issue tracker, place to fork it and try your hand at my code, etc - all on Github. Requires ModuleManager. Get that on Github or via CKAN. Questions I will likely be or am frequently asked (TL;DR FAQ): Is it on CKAN? - No. I'll try to get it on, but I need to learn how and would appreciate support in that aspect. Does this break saves? - Maybe. Currently, be careful if you have one of the round pods in flight (particularly the Pea and Pomegranate - size changed) as they have their mass and size changed to match the Mk1, Mk2 and Mk1-3 pods. (When) Will you update to KSP x.y.z? - It should work with all KSP versions 1.4+ (but not below because Making History didn't exist back then), just modify the version file so under KSP_VERSION it says: I've found a bug! - Report it on Github How can I trust a mod made by a wibbly lander? - (wobble, wobble) (kraken) (flies to pieces) Full list of changes? - Not many, just 3 parts with 5 changes at the moment - all in my documentation. NOTE: Thanks to @RoboRay's fantastic explanation of the balance of the new pods, I have decided I do not want to continue the mod. Feel free to use it, but consider it abandoned. Thread will remain open for discussion and if anyone wants to take the mod over, but no support will be provided by myself and I will get the thread locked should it spiral out of control. BLANKET PERMISSION TO DO ANYTHING WITH THE MOD
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