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Found 7 results

  1. Currently a lot of the mods in the "Misc" category on Curse(Forge) are audio or visual mods - mods that change nothing except the user experience. These don't fit into any other category. Adding a "Audio and Visual" or some better-named category would help users answer their "how do I get screenshots like that??!" questions. Who is responsible for deciding the available categories? Also to that person: the "Recent Files" only shows the most recently uploaded, not the one for the most recent KSP version. In contrast, mods for Minecraft show one for each Minecraft version.
  2. KSP Mod Analyzer 1.1.1 has been released, with the following new exciting features: Support for SpaceDock, Curse and CKAN repositories Clickable links to mod page, source code repository and forum if available Filter on mod name Many UI improvements 60s cool down period after updating SpaceDock and Curse, to limit network traffic Possiblity to do analysis on mods, e.g. "Mods only available on CKAN", with aggredated metadata CSV export Note! Due to recent changes to the Curse page, "Update Curse" is broken, I'm looking into the problem. In summary, this application gives you a clear overview of all all KSP mods with relevant metadata in one single application. Note that is is not a mod manager like CKAN, but I hope you find it useful anyway :-) Please find download details below the screenshot. Technical details Written in Python 3 using Qt 5 for the UI Source code is available on GitHub Latest release, packaged as a stand-alone application, is available on the release page (Python is not required) Let me know what you think about this application, feedback and improvement ideas are welcome.
  3. Hi, I see there isn't any options for KSP 1.3.1 version on Curseforge: https://kerbal.curseforge.com/ksp-mods?filter-game-version=&filter-sort=updated
  4. So I saw on curse that mods were compatable with 1.2 prerelease, Does that also mean regular 1.2 ? Also I tried installing planetary base systems, and in the loading screen I saw that the game had it in its system but I started a new game and it was'nt there, did I do something wrong or what?
  5. SpaceDock and Curse analyzer Hi, I would like to share a Python project I have been working on, "SpaceDock and Curse analyzer". I started working on this mostly for learning Python, and now I have a version up and running. The idea behind the project is "How to get a list of all mods that are hosted only on Curse but not on SpaceDock?" My preferred mod hosting site is SpaceDock, but I suspected that some mods are only available on Curse. How to get this analyzed in a nice way, and learning Python at the same time? Long story short, here is how it works, and a description of each Python file: get_curse.py - Parses the Curse page and retrieves all mods and store them on disk as a list. I did not find any API for Curse, so it's done with BeautifulSoup and a bit of reg-exp hacking. get_spacedock.py - Using the SpaceDock API to get a list of all mods and storing the list on disk. disk_helper.py - Helper functions to serialize data for storing on disk as well as reading and de-serializing the data from disk (used in the files above). curse_helper.py - Helper functions for parsing Curse spacedock_helper.py - Helper functions for parsing SpaceDock analyse.py - Reads the mod lists from disk for further analysis (e.g. to check which mods are only on Curse). This file is still a work in progress, currently it just list the mods. The files are available on GitHub The serializing to disk is for offloading the web servers, as you can play around with "analyse.py" without causing unnecessary traffic. Please let me know your comments on this project. There is probably a lot of Python code that can be optimized, but bear with me as it's my fist project
  6. ive had my mod on curse for a while now (http://mods.curse.com/ksp-mods/kerbal/242459-kerbalkingsinc) and i do whanted to fix some bugs and i did but how do i update my mod on curse????????
  7. It's a matter of personal curiosity. I'd love you to tell me why, but if it'll lead to heated arguments because service X is hell or Y is heaven, don't. I prefer Kerbal Stuff, because I'm a supporter of community initiatives and open source projects. Also, it has a clean and functional user interface which pleases my eyes.
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