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  1. Considering that planes are probably the single biggest upgrade over stock ksp1, i figured id make a challenge that would incorporate them nicely well providing unique challenges to both new and experienced plane builders Once atmospheric heating is enabled, the maximum speeds that people will be able to achieve will likely be a lot lower, so this is a limited time opportunity to set an all time record that likely wont be broken in the future. The eVe.max challenge is: achieve the highest speed possible on eve under 1000m (sea lvl) Rules: 1. It does not matter how you get to eve, cheats are encouraged for eve transport. Id recommend using lazy orbit to ''land'' your self ~2000m above eve's surface to start the run. 2.The speed record MUST BE below 1000m, higher altitude runs will not count. 3. V.max must be reached in level flight (no diving). 4. No infinite fuel. 5. Craft doesnt have to be manned, but it will need a powerful enough antenna to maintain legit contact with ksc if you choose to make it a drone. 6. There will be separate leaderboards for kraken drive craft. 7. No staging How to enter: 1. Submit a picture of your craft at its highest top speed with both the speed indicator and altimeter (set to altitude above sea level) visible. 2. Have fun Leaderboards Vanilla: ID Date V.max Alt. 1 Sequence 3/21 472 951 2 3 4 5 6 Kraken drive: ID Date V.max Alt. 1 2 3 4 5 6
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