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  1. I frequently see requests for changes or mods that can be done easily using nothing but a module manager patch, often those have already been requested several times. Rather than copy/paste every in every single request, I thought it might be nice to make a database of module manager patches for the stock game so players can simply scroll through the list and pick out what they like. If you have a specific MM patch you would like to add to the list, feel free to post it. If someone else made it for you, please include their name. I would like to attribute the correct author.I will try to keep the thread up to date and will likely improve the thread organization as it grows. Instructions For Usage Install Module Manager. Many mods already come packaged with this, so you may already have it. However, it is wise to ensure you have the latest version. Copy the entire contents of the patch(es) you want into a text editor. I recommend Notepad++, but any text editor will do. Save the file in the Kerbal Space Program\GameData folder using a *.cfg extension and any name you wish (example: ServiceBayDeployLimiter.cfg). The patches may be almost anywhere in the GameData folder, you may wish to create a "Patches" folder for organization. The patches can all be in one file or split among many for your convenience (white space is ignored). Patches that alter the same modules may be combined provided they have the same header, see example below. Rules for Patches in the Database Patches in this thread must be for stock KSP. Mod patches should be posted in their respective threads. Patches must include the name of the original author or if you do not know, say so. Patches posted here are assumed to include no reserved rights beyond attribution. SCPD Patch Manager You can now download this database formatted for use with @linuxgurugamer's PatchManager mod. Simply extract the zip file to your GameData folder. Download Module Manager Patch Database Quality of Life Improvements These patches do not alter the overall difficulties in the game. In most cases they simply make it easier to do things you can already do through less convenient means. Add Deploy Limiter to Service Bays Contributor: @Alshain Add Staging Control to Parachutes, Engines, and Launch Clamps (Advanced Tweakables) Contributor: @Alshain, @Xyphos, @sebi.zzr Note: For Multi-Mode Engines (Panther/Rapier) you must toggle staging on both engine modes! Add Class Descriptions to Antennas Contributor: @tg626 Allow setting a maximum brightness value for cockpit lights Contributor: @Iamsodarncool Adjust the Rotation of the HECS core for better alignment Contributors: @eddiew, Adjust the Attachment Nodes for Heat Shields Contributor: @Snark Add Deployment Limiter to Landing Gear Contributor: @Mecripp Tweakable Defaults These patches allow you to alter the default state for many part tweakables so that you do not have to remember to do it every time. These are personal preference items and do no alter gameplay. In all cases, these can still be altered in-game while the patch is active, it only changes their starting settings. No Monopropellant in New Command Pods/Cockpits Contributor: Unknown RCS to Translate Only Contributor: @Snark Clamshell Style Fairings Contributor: @Alshain Number of Fairing Sides Contributor: @Alshain Fairing Ejection Force Contributor: @Alshain Decoupler, Separator, and Heat Shield Ejection Force Contributor: @Alshain Hibernate in Warp to Auto Contributor: @Alshain Fairing Nodes to Off Contributor: @JAFO Fairing Trusses to Off Contributor: @JAFO Decouplers to Allow Crossfeed Contributor: @Armisael Command Pod and Cockpit Lights On Contributor: @slubman Command Pod and Cockpit Lights Not Bound to Action Group Contributor: @slubman Kerbal EVA Lights On Contributor: @slubman Reduce Default Ablator to 20% of full Contributor: @Foxster Default Antennas to Allow Partial Contributor: @Blackline Default Flag Decals to Off Contributor: @Messy Recipe Scaled and New Parts These patches add new parts from existing textures to fill in some of the gaps in stock. 0.625m Fuselage Contributor: @Psycho_zs 1.25m Modular Girder System Contributor: @Alshain 0.313m Modular Girder System Contributor: @Alshain 0.625m & 2.5m HubMax Contributor: @Alshain 1.25m to 0.625m Bi/Tri/Quad Adapters Contributor: @Alshain 0.625m, 2.5m, 3.75m Bi/Tri/Quad Couplers Contributor: @Alshain Extra Landing Gear Contributor @Vegetal Additional Launch Clamps Contributor: @maculator Delayed Action Sepatron Contributor: @Enceos Add a 5m and 7m Fairing Contributor: @Enceos, @Stone Blue Make the Atmospheric Sensor Smaller Contributor: @samamstar Add Fuel Filled Adapters Contributor: @samamstar Small & Large Air Brakes Contributor: @Errol Radial LFO Tank Contributor: @Snark, @Aelfhe1m Internal Combustion Engine (Wheels) Contributor: @KerbMav Gameplay Changes These patches can be perceived as changing gameplay or otherwise altering the presumably intended difficulty in the game. Reduce the mass of the Mk 1-2 Pod and Mk2 Lander to a more 'balanced' value Contributor: @Alshain Reduce the mass of structural parts Contributor: @Psycho_zs Add Limited Torque to All Probes Contributor: @Alshain Reduce the Effective Torque of All Reaction Wheels Contributor: @Psycho_zs Allow Deflating Inflatable Heat Shield Contributor: @Chris97b Allow All Deployable Solar Panels to Retract Contributor: @Alshain Add a Power Generator to All Command Pods Contributor: @Foxster Add Angled Docking Ability to Docking Ports Contributor: @Psycho_zs Move All Science to Starting Tech Tree Node Contributor: @maculator Increase Electric Output of the Launch Clamp Contributor: @maculator Add Crew Reports to Science Lab Contributor: @maculator Increase Interaction Range of Mystery Goo and Science Jr. Contributor: @Warzouz Recieve 100% Science when Transmitting Contributor: @maculator Add a Generator to ISRU Contributor: @maculator Stop Solar Panels from Sun Tracking Contributor: @tg626, @Alshain Add Attachment Nodes to Various Parts Contributor: @Enceos Add electric requirements to cockpit cabin lights Contributor: @Alshain Add Science Transfer to Science Labs and Command Pods Contributor: @steve_v Gain Full Science the First Time and Experiment is Run Contributor: @MalevolentNinja Change the Convert-O-Tron 125 to Allow Continuous Work and Improve Efficiency Contributor: @Raphaello Set anomaly detection rate to 100% for high tech probes Contributor: @slubman Swap crew report and EVA report biome-dependence in space low Contributor: @pwhk Change the impact tolerance of all engines Contributor: @TheRagingIrishman Unmanned Command Pods Contributor: @Aelfhe1m All Engines Surface Attachable Contributor: @MatterBeam Disable Kerbal Rescue Contracts Contributor: @Wyzard LY-01 Landing Gear Improved Contributor: @Kerbal101 Add Brakes to LY-05 Landing Gear Contributor: @Kerbal101 Make the Stayputnik Available Earlier Contributor: @Kerbal101 Give pilots fuel efficiency as a skill. Contributor: @theshepherd Add Science Transfer to All Parts that Can Hold Science Contributor: @Wyzard Add Engine Spool Delay Contributor: @Aelfhe1m, @aquilux Increase the Amount of Science the Mobile Science Lab can Hold Contributor: @juanml82 Extend the Range of the Struts Contributor: @Xyphos
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