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Found 3 results

  1. What's your favorite rocket engine? Be it the RS-25, Merlin 1D, or even the V2's engine! Personally, mine is the Raptor engine. High reusability, high thrust, high efficiency, uses methalox, beautiful exhaust, full-flow staged combustion, and an awesome name!
  2. What's the best way of getting science from celestial body? The answer is DRIVE! What's the best way of delivering ore or supplies from distant location to your base? The answer is make your wheels rolling! But did you try to drive for 110 km for two hours, avoiding obstacles (screw you Mun Highlands) and keeping your speed in sane limits? Well I did! And that was boooooooring! And who wants to be bored by super crazy explosion simulator called KSP? I guess no one! Well, no more boredom! Bon Voyage is here and it will drive your rovers in background! Kerbal stories Chapter 1: Fast and Furious Chapter 2: Around the Mun in one munar day Legal Information: Superb "Bon Voyage Pathfinder" model was created by @Enceos and is licensed under CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0 Cool and colorized app launcher icon made by Madebyoliver and licensed under Creative Commons BY 3.0 Source code is licensed under GPLv3 How it works: I don't know.... I honestly don't.... OK OK, just kidding. Rover must be landed It has to have BonVoyage controller aboard, seek in Control tab or use some cool rover mod (listed below) All rover wheels must be intact At least three of rover's operable wheels must be on the ground Rover must be landed Rover will move with average speed varying from 50% to 70% of wheels max speed (can be boosted up to 95% by skilled pilot ) To start moving your power production must be at least 35% of wheels max consumption Rover can be solar powered Rover must be landed Rover can have alternative power source(RTGs, Nuclear Reactors, Fission Reactors, Antimatter Reactors, whole bunch of reactors is supported, if it has "reactor" in it's name than it will definitely work) If rover cannot move without solar power it will idle until Sun is 0 degrees above the horizon There must be a clear straight path to target not anymore...heheheee (just try not to overload pathfinding) ROVER MUST BE LANDED!!! How to: Add BonVoyage module to your rover (seek in Control tab) If you have MM installed, then Malemute, Karibou, Buffalo, ARES, Puma and FUR cabs get BV automatically, no need to use additional part. Launch your rover If you're just playing with BV and launch a rover at KSC, then at start your rover state will be "Prelaunch", BV won't work at that state. Move your rover a little so that MET starts ticking and then BV is ready to be activated Right click on BonVoyage module (or rover cab if you use some cool rover mod listed above) Click "Pick target on map" or "Set to active target" or "Set to active waypoint" Path finding may take some time, be patient (C# is not the power horse ). You can go to map mode and see built route for inspection If path was not found in ten seconds it will break, try some closer point Click "Poehali!!!" Go to tracking station...or launch a new vessel...or do whatever you want... ?????? PROFIT!!!!!111oneoneone Some math: Power requirements calculations are really simple. Let's say you've built a rover on Malemute chassis with six Malemute Modular Wheels, each of 'em has max power consumption equal to 3.5. This means overall max consumption is 3.5 * 6 = 21. BV "requires" that your max power production is equal to 35% of max wheels' consumption 21/100*35 = 7.35 EC/s. So if your solar panels and/or RTGs provide 7.35 electric charge per second, then you're good to go. Your rover average speed will be 70% of wheels' max speed. In case of Malemute Modular Wheels it will be 35/100*70 = 24.5 m/s. Of course 7.35 charge per second is not really easy to achieve in case of rovers. What other options do you have? The answer is pretty easy: shutdown motor on two of your wheels. This will reduce power requirement to 3.5*4/100*35 = 4.9 EC/s. But beware that your rover average speed will fall to 60% - 35/100*60 = 21 m/s. If you disable two more wheels, then you power requirement will be just 3.5*2/100*35 = 2.45 EC/s, but average speed will fall to 50% - 35/100*50 = 17.5 m/s. There few things to note: Pilots, USI Scouts and crew members with Autopilot skill can increase average speed dramatically, train your crew Low on power? Your rover will be sloooow Night rides are slooooooooow Unmanned rovers are sloooooooooooooooooow There is a plan for average speed to vary according to gravity of celestial body and mass of rover. If you can propose some better math, then do it Hey man! That's too complicated! How do I build rover that just rides??? Build your rover as usual Add solar panels Add moar solar panels Grab some RTGs Don't forget couple of nuclear reactors KSPI antimatter reactors are pretty powerful, add at least one. Now for wheels: more wheels = better. Add a dozen of 'em, it does not even matter if your wheels point in different directions, just have a lot of 'em. Take your most skilled pilot and send him on vacation, he already got mental trauma while you were building the rover described above. Add probe core to your rover. Don't forget to add some powerful radiators to dissipate heat from probe core overloaded with the mess you've done building the rover described above. Done! Your rover will be able to deal with any slope and any crater in The Universe....if pathfinding algorithm won't fail first... Wanna wanna wanna: Bonus: Victims of the alpha test. Not for the faint of heart. Sponsored by HyperEdit(R) http://imgur.com/a/Zq28v Changelog: Known issues:
  3. Heya Kerbs, it's that time of the month again where I flood the forum with stickies showcase your threads, after all it's you girls and guys who make this forum what it is Joining me this month in choosing top threads from around the forums are... @Mrsupersonic8, @Speeding Mullet, @UnusualAttitude, @Draconiator, And @Spaceception! First up we're in the Spacecraft Exchange, but not with a ship, instead we have @Columbia's much needed guide to posting craft on the KSP forums! In Challenges we have @icedown and his Heavy SSTO efficiency challenge, bro do you even lift? @inigma joins icedown in Challenges this month with his air superiority challenge! (submitted before but missed out) and comes with an intro video by Draconiator! I have two entries from Fanworks this month, first @Pine amazes us with his artistic skills, redrawing screenshots in a bright, colourful and I'd say Kerbally way. Followed by a Perfect Tomorrow, by @Creature! And a brace of Elcano threads (that means a pair or two, not a couple ) from Mission Reports, starting with @Maverick_aus on Kerbin... And @HoloYolo a little further away on the furthest planet, Eeloo! Daring to enter DYJ's dominion we find @NecroBones with a pachyderm propellant plume propulsion platform plugin! And doubling up one more time this month, here's two Science threads I could not choose between, so check out @FreeThinker's thread on Mun, er I mean Moon. And @ProtoJeb21's thread on searching for exomoons! And finally we have @flyboy67109, asking us what hobbies we have besides KSP That's all for this TOTM, see you next month! Last months TOTM, you'll never be forgotten Felipe.
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