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[1.0.5] KAS Assembled Aerobraking Shield


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4 hours ago, AlbertKermin said:

I've not really seen that bug before- what versions of KAS/KIS are you running?

KAS 0.5.5, KIS 1.2.5
It's almost as if the outer shields are "eating" the attachment nodes if they're placed too close to them. I've seen them do it in the VAB, as well. 

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On 12/3/2016 at 10:11 PM, Zapo147 said:

You know the volume is 2000L for just one of the eight radial sections, right? Makes the whole mod useless it seems.

Yep. I actually think it should be higher to be realistic, but it means that the absolute largest KAS container (the gigantic 2.5 meter one) can just neatly hold all eight segments.

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Well my Kerbals can't put it into their inventory, so that giant container has to be on the very front or the very back of the ship so that they can attach pieces without taking them out. The only way I thought to do it reasonably is to store a winch as well and tow the pieces to the front of the ship via cable. Then I realized I that I could just store the inflatable heat shield and save a ton of trouble.

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