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Gargantua System REVIVED! (Also led by the remarkable Dr. HoloYolo)


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So we have an Endurance mod, but no Gargantua. We have mountains, but they aren't waves as high as the clouds. We have an ice planet (Eeloo, Vall is a moon) but no idiot to blow an airlock and make an intense scene. We have deserts, but no Wolf Edmunds. So, how will we get these things? Me, Dr. Kaboom (I'm not hijacking any ships and blowing out airlocks, unlike my colleague Dr. Mann) of course.

So how will I do it? Space Engine (yes, I'm that guy), Kopernicus, and Kittopia Tech. Now, I'm sure a guy's already workin' on it, but he hasn't done a thing! Me, a kid with billions of years of free time, will get this thing out as soon as my procrastination side lets up, and I'm not going shorts shopping.

Features Planned


Miller's Planet

Mann's Planet

Edmund's Planet (Around Pantagruel of course)

Don't believe me just watch!

Do any of you remember this? Well, I have decided to revive it! I'm so excited! I have changed a lot, but I still have much free time, and I know what I'm doing!

And yes, this will get done. I will keep my promise.


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