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That motorcycle from Akira

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I did my best to make a functioning akira bike to test the wheel physics and it turn out pretty great in the end.

Needs those little training wheels there so it can actually turn without spinning out, other wised it drives pretty great at high speeds and can even drift.

Unfortunately the file was lost with the pre-release so I need to make it again.


The actual Akira bike looks like this for comparison


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I suggest using the , I want to say ruggedized? wheel as the attachment point/ strut thing gives it bad lines

but other than that this is an awesome build







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and how do I...
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2 hours ago, soulreaver1981 said:

cant you use some reaction wheel to keep the bike upright????

It not to keep it upright.

The 2 wheels give it extra traction to the ground and there are plenty of reaction wheels

The bike itself is extremely stable, however it has a nasty habit of spinning out of control and the wheels help prevent this. The bike handles more like a car really

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