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Add Lego Plane To KSP?


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I am looking to get a Lego airplane imported into KSP and I am willing to pay someone to do it. 

The airplane is built in Lego Digital Designer, and can be exported into a 3ds or an obj file format. See pics of the plane here:


More pics can be provided as well as various files for it.

The airplane can be broken into various components such as the cockpit, main fuselage, tail, wings, tail fins, ailerons, etc. so it may be assembled in KSP.

There are four engines on the plane, and it should operate in atmosphere and vacuum. Perhaps the attributes of the aerospike and an air breathing engine could be copied from the original game.

An IVA would also need to be made. Perhaps someone could explain how to maintain compatibility for future versions of KSP provided the modeling doesn't need to be drastically changed.

Hopefully the poly count can be reduced. Don't need those Lego nubs sticking out. I want the shape to remain the same, but there can be a degree in freedom with small details. I built the plane as a child and I would love to see it fly in KSP.

I don't mind helping financially in exchange for the modeling/coding/etc.

Let me know if you are interested in the project and we can talk details.


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