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A very short story


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The maid quietly poured the green tea then, giving a quiet nod to both kerbals at the table before going to her other dutues in the small space centre cafe.

Phoelle Kerman waited a moment before turning to Dilzer.  "You aren't able to see them again" she said.  Dilzer with tears welling up hesitatied "But I love them, I love you too."  "This is the end" she paused, "we're leaving" throwing the important documents onto the table.  "What's this?" Dilzer asked.  "Sign it" Phoelle demanded.  "I will lose everything, Everything I have been working for." Dilzer became more and more upset with each passing moment.

There was a vibration coming through the floor then through the table getting bigger and bigger.  The tea began to slosh in the cups.

100 miles per hour.  A massive 6 wheeled rover, a suspicious "EJSA" on the side, thundered past the windows.  Each window shattering instantly sending shards of glass everwhere splintering walls, tables and kerbals with no remorse.  The kerbal sat in the driving position laughing hysterically.




I am watching EJ on twtich test a giant rover thing and this story idea came into my head.


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