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My scienceCam really wants to be a linearRCS when he grows up. The only problem is, he's actually acting like one! On all of my missions, he magically transforms into a linearRCS and proceeds to waste all of my propellant. He even transforms his name! I can't figure out why this happens, because in the VAB, he's back to normal! Here is his file (he is actually a rewritten linearRCS, but deleting rcs.dds doesn't help):


    name = linearRcs
    module = Part
    author = HabLab
    mesh = model.mu
    scale = 1
    node_attach = 0.0, 0.0 , 0.0, 0.0, -1.0, 0.0
    TechRequired = engineering101
    entryCost = 1000
    cost = 250
    category = Science
    subcategory = 0
    title = Space-Grade Camera System
    manufacturer = mySky Inc. R&D Department
    description = As seen on TV, the SGCS, referred to by some as the "selfie with a spacesuit", is the cutting edge in probe technology! It involves using a camera placed inside a hollowed-out failed prototype for *another* endeavour and hooking it up to a Raspberry Pi. Boom - space camera! Does weigh a ton, though.
    attachRules = 0,1,0,1,1
    mass = 0.03
    dragModelType = default
    maximum_drag = 0.01
    minimum_drag = 0.01
    angularDrag = 0.1
    crashTolerance = 50
    breakingForce = 50
    breakingTorque = 50
    maxTemp = 1200 // = 1000
    fuelCrossFeed = True
    PhysicsSignificance = 1
    bulkheadProfiles = srf
    tags = science camera image exam
        name = ModuleScienceExperiment

                experimentID = crewReport

                experimentActionName = Examine Image
                resetActionName = Discard Reports
                reviewActionName = Review Reports
                useStaging = False
                useActionGroups = True
                hideUIwhenUnavailable = True
                rerunnable = False

                xmitDataScalar = 0.32

                dataIsCollectable = True
                collectActionName = Download Image
                interactionRange = 1.2


P.S. Yes, this is the same mod as my previous thread.

Edited by HabLab
More info 4 you guys.
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