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multiple crashes, access violation

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I have had 84 crashes in 20 days and with the latest crash I can no longer load any craft from the VAB although in the game data they are all still there.  I am not sure which crash data to upload, the file that causes the crash varies with each crash, sometimes mono.dll, kernelbase.dll, ksp.exe. Although most of them and the most recent was from mono.dll, so that is the one I uploaded. I am only running 2 mods, navhub and mechjeb. I have updated them to no avail.

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2 hours ago, InterstellarOrbit said:


       It seems to be a Memory Crash, as validated here:

If this does not work, can you upload your KSP.log File? It is located in the Kerbal Space Program Folder.

I'm not sure what exactly you wanted me to try through that thread but I went as far as turning all the settings as low as they would go, but the problem of no ships being able to be even seen in the open dialog in the VAB is still a problem. 

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2 hours ago, coolguy30000 said:

oh, I thought when I made the shortcut it was the 64 version, however when I have started through steam I always choose the 64bit and still have the same problem and I just realized I forgot to post the ksp.log so ill do that here. 


Hmm. Attempt the game now in 64 bit via Running the .exe through the Game file. See if the problem persists. 

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