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The science behind Vall!


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Vall was always an oddity in Jool’s system. But what secret this moon may keep?

It is obvious that Vall is geologically active, and suffers from powerful tidal friction with Jool, evidence of that is a lot of fractures, edges and valleys on Vall’s surface. And it is easy to guess that it is never calm on surface. Earthquakes strike all day long. But such powerful friction may be an evidence of iron or silicate core.

Powerful cores may produce heat. It is possible that icy mantel of Vall may have just melt and turned into underground ocean. In such underground ocean, closer to the core, simple life may form. But how would a multicell life would look like? It is easy to understand that skin would be white or transparent due to lack of light, it will be a fish nor a crawling creature. (like centipedes, I know it makes your fantasy freak out.)

Some life may live nearby underwater volcanoes which emit heat. Nor live closer to the core where it is really hot! 

Such life would be powered by chemosynthesis. It  simply means that it will take power from surrounding chemicals.



I hope you liked my theory!




I will always appreciate your ideas and hypothesis!

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