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Move SubassemblyCategories.cfg to the saves folder.

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This is something that has bugged me for quite some time.

SubassemblyCategories.cfg is currently located in GameData\Squad\PartList. Having it there makes it universal across all save games, even though Subassemblies are per-save.  The end result is you have categories in a save game that has no subassemblies in it because those categories are are for a different save game.  It's also less convenient for backup purposes.

My suggestion is to move the file to saves\[SaveGameName]\Subassemblies.  This has multiple benefits.

  • For players using the standard per-save subassemblies, the categories will also be per-save.
  • Categories would no longer exist for subassemblies from a different save game.
  • Moving a game from one installation to another, or simply making a backup of a game will no longer involve hunting down this file.
  • Players (including me) who prefer their subassemblies and craft files to exist across all games can still use symlinks (directory junctions).
  • Symlink users no longer have to symlink this file separately, they only have to symlink the Subassemblies folder, which they would have done anyway.

It just makes no sense to have it where it is in any use case, at least from a player's perspective.

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As somebody who never found the part filters menu to be particularly intuitive, I never venture there much.

I find that sub-assemblies being hidden in there breaks the workflow, so yeah, I'd support this.

The save-specific stuff just adds more weight to your argument.

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