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Unable to load my save

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Someday for no apparent reason , I was unable to load my save and it was written in red Error accessing this save and below Argument cannot be null  I try to solve this problem by myself so I look on Internet and I found a old thread  (here) that tell me take a backup save from the backup folder and change the persistent save by that backup save. I do that and I open the game after that , and it says that my save is uncompatible with my version of KSP but before that problem my game was working perfectly.


I have DMagic orbital science, Mechjeb 2, Precise node , Scansat , Stage Recovery, Tac self-destruct,  Trajectories, Transfer Window Planner and Tweakscale for installed mods. All of them or up to date for 1.4.2 except Precise Node which is 1.4.1 but ad said before everything was working perfectly.

Thanks for helping me

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18 hours ago, Titandesdieu said:

take a backup save from the backup folder and change the persistent save by that backup save.

You got an actual backup and tried to restore it or did you rename a quicksave file?

In case of an actual backup: Is it the correct one? The error message sounds like you tried to restore a backup of a different KSP install which runs on a higher version number

In case of a renamed quicksave: You can try to delete/rename the 'persistent.loadmeta' file after renaming the quicksave file. The file will be recreated automatically as soon as you load the savegame (which will hopefully load than).

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