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Copies and wrong placement with my mods

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21 hours ago, TheEpicGamer said:

I got many mods from curse forge, and I put them all in GameData, but I got some errors, can someone help? 

And here are the screenshots, actually Idk how to put in screenshots

Hey there.

First of all, you can’t share files directly on the forums, which includes images; upload them to a sharing site e.g. imgur, then use the ‘insert image from URL’ button at the bottom right of the reply box to insert them (or just post a link to the album).

I suspect you either have incompatible mods, or they’re installed incorrectly; the best thing to help diagnose and fix mod issues are the log files. Here’s how to find them, and what to do once you have them:

A few quick questions- what version of KSP are you using, what mods are you trying to use, and are all your mods inside KSP/GameData? You should also check each mod’s page to ensure you have all the dependencies you need- a dependency is a mod that another mod needs to function, for example ModuleManager is used by nearly every other mod, Kopernicus is needed for planet packs (and is very version sensitive) and graphics mods will often require EVE. Many mods will be downloaded with their dependencies included, but not all, and if you download different mods they may have different versions of the same dependency which can break stuff too,


If you’re thinking “wow, all this mod stuff sounds pretty complicated”, then you’re right; fortunately there’s a nifty program called CKAN which does all the hard work for you, finding the right versions of mods for your version of KSP and all their dependencies, keeping things up to date when updates are released, and suggesting mods which complement those you’re already using. Not every mod is on CKAN, but most of them are, and it will save you a lot of time and a lot of headaches in the future.


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I wouldn’t use Curseforge unless it’s the only place it’s available. Spacedock is better and CKAN better still for updated versions.

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24 minutes ago, FruitGoose said:

I wouldn’t use Curseforge unless it’s the only place it’s available. Spacedock is better and CKAN better still for updated versions.

Technically (and I'll have to work to stay level here) there's no difference on where you get the mod.

The key is to get the correct version of the mod for your version of KSP, and install it, and dependencies correct.

So in the end, you use CKAN, or you're on your own,


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