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Buck Kerbins Starfighter


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After all the weeks spent puzzling out how to get Bertha working nicely, this one took less than a day from start to finish... Though I have been thinking about it for quite a long time.

It's as close as I could get to the Buck Rogers Starfighter from the 80s TV series while still being flyable.

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Download link: http://kerbalspaceprogram.com/buck-kermins-starfighter-ssto/

NOTE: You can either surface mount a MechJeb box or just add the MechJeb module to the B9 Cockpit_MK2 part.cfg file.

Some Pics show ladders but I removed them after I found out EVA does not work. The MK2 command pod EVAs from the starboard side rather than the top. The central wing blocks side access to the pod.

I didn't have a space station in the save I was taking the screenshots in so I docked with an orbital tug that happened to be near when I got into orbit just to make sure it all worked OK.

Mods used:




B9 Aerospace - the bulk of the craft is made out of B9 parts...

NOTE: You MUST update ExsurgentEngineering.dll to the current v.23 compatible version after installing B9 or the Sabers will NOT work!

Procedural Wings - Multiple wing parts

F.A.R. - Ferram Aerospace Research - This craft will NOT even get off the runway without it!

K.J.R. - Kerbal Joint Reinforcement - The ship will shake itself to pieces before even getting off the runway without it.

Aviation Lights - just because it's seriously cool looking to have them on during flight operations. ;)



MechJeb - You can fly this craft 100% by hand & SAS but it's easier with MJ... ;)

TAC Fuel Balancer - Flying SSTOs without it can be a headache (but this one actually isn't all that bad).

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