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  1. I don't know what's where on this rocket, but ONE radial chute means you MUST have it non-symmetrical. The tiny science parts probably aren't a problem, but the goo might be. Your third stage is too much rocket and not enough fuel, better to just add fuel to the second stage, and probably some fins right above the engine. Launch profile sounds likely to be the biggest problem if you haven't dialed down the outer 4 SRBs for the launch, since you won't be able to turn fast enough off the pad (and may not even know you needed to) ... turn a few degrees to the east immediately then try to hold prograde. By the way, the service bay's nice to protect stuff, but can make the reentry stage flip-happy if you don't weight the bottom.
  2. Putting one LF tank up front also allows for trim adjustment unless you're bone-dry. I ran a spaceplane out past the Kerbin SoI recently, and on atmospheric passes adjusted the fuel to reduce SAS needed. I sort of had to do a skip reentry because I didn't have an extra 900+ delta-v to bring my orbit down again...
  3. But you can't make a challenge of it until you're at least reasonably sure it's possible.
  4. Maybe the batteries ran down and there are no solar panels facing? Do you have any sort of control?
  5. Maybe backspace should have been moved ... but shift-tab is ALSO a danger if you have your navball up in map view. You just want to go back 1-2 celestial bodies, and suddenly you throttle up!
  6. Get Kerbal Alarm Clock and set a "pause" alarm before you tab away, just in case?
  7. I think it's a dead-end tech tree node, so you might not think to unlock it until late, and it can be considered to be "at the top" (as in vertically, in the propulsion section). It's a cost-160 node in the tree.
  8. I tend to make a subassembly consisting of the spaced decoupler, the kickback, a rounded nose cap, and a seperatron attached to the nose cap so it thrusts up and slightly in. Attach that to whatever, one strut to steady it, and it works just fine.
  9. You might want to consider the distinction between informational mods, parts mods, and other mods. Things like Kerbal Alarm Clock, pretty much nobody argues against, for example. Parts mods can have a major impact on gameplay, though.
  10. And then you make a mistake, and you get the Tacoma Narrows bridge ... but it's probably 100:1 the other way, isn't it? If that's so, how are they on drag? If they tend to act as an anchor, that's easy to deal with, but if you end up as the draggy part, it could be trouble...
  11. Crossfeed isn't transfer, I guess ... crossfeed is using the fuel from one side to power an engine on the other side. Mind you, docking ports set to disable crossfeed DO block transfer as well...
  12. The "full" picture looks good, but the "empty" picture is a disaster waiting to happen, it's unstable due to CoL being ahead of CoM. The reaction wheels probably make it work anyway until you hit 27 km or so, but then you're having to fight too hard against the forces, and once it starts going it keeps going.
  13. Maybe the inline cockpit would work better, and some batteries wouldn't go amiss so you can hold your nose up. Body lift can do wonders around 15 km.
  14. Then again, extra delta-v in a satellite can let you grab those "adjust your orbit" contracts a a later date, or deorbit, or whatever's needed at a later date. Not that that's a reason to go overboard, of course...
  15. But it doesn't matter if prograde and retrograde don't follow the node, your CRAFT should be in that same fixed coordinate system under time warp. The issue here is that the craft which was aligned with the node initially loses that alignment during time warp.