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  1. The next thing to look at, if you want to make sense of the tracks when you hit a new SoI, is conic draw modes.
  2. When you do that correction maneuver (maybe 1/4 orbit from your target), you can ALWAYS drop the PE on the equator, and it's not hard to eyeball ... just line up your view so your target CB and the sun are in line. Use normal to put the PE on the equator, use radial and prograde/retrograde to fix altitude, go back to normal to fine-tune, and there you should be. Your inclination might not be great, but you can easily capture and coast up to AP which has a node.
  3. I usually just try to drop the PE on the equator for an equatorial orbit ... then you can either add a normal component to your capture burn, or just barely capture, coast way out, and fix your alignment then. Either one can work, or you can combine the two, try it out.
  4. My game is at Moderate, and I'm wondering if the single RA-100 is going to reach back to Kerbin myself ... it's about halfway there and down to 4%. Oh well, I set maneuver nodes so can execute them even without contact and fix things later if need be.
  5. Also, an alternate way to focus maneuver nodes and celestial bodies ... just tab over to them! This also allows your maneuver node to stay open. Backspace (or tilde as the case may be) still works to return focus to the craft. This also allows some trickery when you want to intercept a contract orbit, because you can drop a node on a near encounter, look at the node, then burn to adjust orbit and see what effect it has close-up.
  6. The mod's out there, but it was never updated for beta, much less later ... you'd have to go back to about .23 and it's seriously difficult.
  7. I'd give serious thought to an Ike gravity assist, to set up for the return ... but that would get really complicated.
  8. Of more benefit are the combined fuel tank and adapter, I think.
  9. We only see that launcher at the start for a short time, so is it possible that focus was originally on the sat, and shifted once inside the physics bubble?
  10. There's another possibility here, your final ejection burn was probably 12 hours or so off your initial maneuver node's plot. Assuming a trip to Jool, the specific burn required likely changed a bit before the final one. Next time, it might help to set up your burn well in advance then just start early so you can reach the right time and place.
  11. I wonder ... if you grab Jeb like that, can you then transfer monoprop to him?
  12. For the three-Kerbal capsule, you can do that with a bay above it, but the instability with the small one isn't worth it.
  13. I wouldn't bother to dump it till you're on reentry, instead process it and replace fuel. A powered landing never hurts...
  14. Even if it's answered, a design suggestion: a Mk 1 capsule is fine to reenter with no assistance from LKO and will automatically orient correctly, consider leaving the bay below the decoupler. If you do so, be sure to trigger the chute on the same stage.
  15. Decouplers or a craft that takes off without any control inputs?