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  1. LOL. Great chapter, as always.
  2. I miss the old one. I thought the new one was supposed to be like a demonic voice or something at first haha
  3. Oh snap! Valentina mysteriously returning... Maybe-evil-but-definitely-not-right-Edgas injecting her with some glowing crap... A guy getting...did that thing do what I think it did? Why am I getting Alien vibes...
  4. Just sayin'. So how's it going? Need any help?
  5. ....yes....
  6. *wonders where he's heard that song before* *rewatches TSCC*
  7. Well, now we know how Jerdous became evil. Poor guy. Great start to the third part though!
  8. Looking good lol. Can't wait for the return of the GNSM. Though, since the astronauts are now humans, the GNSM should become the GNSK... Ze Great Nekked Space Kerb!
  9. Meesa no sure-sure... Meesa thinky maybe yousa impostor!
  10. Good God @Ten Key! You want Meg to dispose of poor old P. Kerman, Dibella to have been behind Val's death, or Val to go knuts? Jeez man! @CatastrophicFailure, you are definitely my favorite KSP fanfic author. Thanks for writing this stuff, and hope to see Revelations of the Kraken Soon™!
  11. Aha! So the next story sees the origins of the Krakensbane, in an ancient, highly advanced Kerb civilization that is threatened by the evil Kraken. The story ends with the main character managing to hide the Krakensbane in a place inaccessible to the Kraken. The Kraken then splats the main character and destroys obliterates the civilization. In the epilogue, modern day Ussari miners find the Krakensbane...
  12. So.. T-there's gonna be a third story, riiiiiight? Make it a trilogy? *Starts tugging on CatastrophicFailure's sleeve* I want to see Val make a comeback!
  13. Noooooooooooo... Val died D: But that was a great ending.
  14. War Thunder. So KSP with BD Armory. Also WOWS. Also KSP with BD Armory (and the ship parts mod).
  15. It is indeed! Will the real @KSK please stand up?