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  1. I almost spat water on my keyboard when I saw that there was a new chapter up. Now it's getting interesting...(not that it wasn't before) looks like it's time to go to Jool!
  2. Sorry, meant the glitch mob remix:
  3. Yes. The White Stripes remix of 7 Nation Army.
  4. Lol same bro. Indeed.
  5. That's awesome!
  6. Or both combined with fish?
  7. Soooooo.... Does Val blow up the Kraken with that hexano-something stuff or does she tell the Kraken to say it three times fast and its brain implodes?
  8. Ah, so that's why that monolith was a weird color...
  9. Nice parts! Will we get sounds for the wheels anytime soon?
  10. *le bump* Can't let this thread go to the second page Looking forward to seeing more Val kicking Kraken butt!
  11. So.... How is new chapters coming along?
  12. What do you call a cheeseburger without the cheese? A burger. What kind of fruit/vegetable is round and pink and juicy? A tomato painted pink. What do rockets and wooden houses have in common? They both go up in flames. )))
  13. Hehehehehe, nothing like some bad jokes to start off the day. -insert badum-tssss meme here-