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  1. Yeah.... I was looking more for finding out if other people had encountered this problem or not, to find out if I needed to dig deeper. I mean, if I'm the only one getting it, that means that I need to start looking carefully at my mods list to see which of these might be blowing it up, or if it turns out a group of folks are having this we can compare mods to find out if it's something we're all using or not.... yadda yadda yadda. Nice to know that I'm NOT losing my mind.... At any rate, when I get home (which looks to be a while yet; I'm an email admin for a Very Large Canadian Email System and right now we've got both a pump'n'dump and a bank of montreal phish hammering my servers) I'm going to move my current install, reinstall vanilla, drop the save game in there and see what happens. If it's reproducible under those conditions, I'm going to go visit the bug tracker and fire up the relevant files.
  2. Crap. I thought I posted in the gameplay questions group, not the umodded installs group. <sigh>
  3. Well, I'll see if I can set something up that'll allow me to test that contract without mods, but... my game's modded. Mostly visual and info (eye candy, KER, KAC, the IVA mod with control panels) with only one parts mod (the one that gives you small lights to mount on your craft; I keep the ambient vacuum light at .03 using planetshine and that means that lights on craft are a must). That will take me a while though, given that I'm gonna have to load a save into an unmodded install and hope that it allows me to get it going on without trashing it completely. I'll let you know
  4. That's gonna have to wait until I get home from work tonight. I'll see if I can dig a good save up that shows the issue... KAC should help If I find one, I'll grab the logs off it and fire them up there too. Gotta be careful... don't wanna trash the progress I made last night. Ease!
  5. Hey Blackrack, you did say you liked screen shots. Nicely timed utility launch just as the sun is setting. Thank you so much!
  6. I ended up cheating the contract out of existence. Tried getting the part to land softly (and did), but as soon as I got anywhere near it it was up at 4100m terrain altitude again. Cheated it into an orbit, hooked it, took it back to Kerbin, when I was aerobraking all of a sudden I was on a very retrograde Kerbol orbit that would take me to periKerbol in 50 days and just BOOKIN'! At that point I gave it up as a bad job and destroyed the contract. Would be good to know if this is a common problem; I'm feeling very hesitant to take any other recover part A on body B contracts.
  7. Unfortunately that's not working. After it lands, as soon as I get a craft within about a hundred metres of it, it teleports itself up 4.1 km. It's weird... it'll stay there completely permanently until I either "fly" it from the tracking station or another craft gets too close to it.
  8. I have a contract to recover a part landed on the surface of the moon. When I get too close to it, all of a sudden its altitude doubles; that is, it goes from resting on the surface of the Mun to an altitude above the surface equal to the altitude of the surface. It is perfectly stationary until something moves into physics range, at which point it starts falling. Needless to say, falling from the height it does (~4.8km) causes it to be destroyed when it hits the surface. Any ideas as to what is going on here? And is it possible I can edit the save file to fix this particular problem?
  9. I don't think they should change the maneuver node widget in the way suggested by (IIRC) Veeltch (apologies if I'm misattributing that). The way it currently works is to show you what will happen when you boost in the direction indicated by the axis. If, for example, you are in an equatorial prograde orbit (i.e.west to east) and you put a few hundred m/s into the normal direction, you'll end up leaving Kerbin... and that makes sense; your boosting north, you keep boosting north, and as your inclination changes more and more of the boost in that direction is prograde rather than normal. Precise Node offers the option of the kind of behaviour he's looking for (under Options look for the "intuitive normal handler" or something like that; I'm at work and can't look it up specifically). There are some good reasons to mess around with turning that on and off. Here's an example: I've got a probe heading to the mun. The target orbit is inclined 45 degrees, and I have the hyperbolic orbit inside the Mun's SOI intersecting with the target orbit. I can drop a maneuver node on that intersection. First thing will be to change the inclination. While I'm doing this I'll turn the intuitive normal behaviour on. However, there's more to matching the target orbit than just the inclination. After that I need to push retrograde so I don't just fly past, and after I get an elliptical orbit around the mun of approximately the right energy (i.e. apoapse and periapse are about right for the target orbit but not in the right places) I'll start pulling (anti-)radial to roll the orbit around so that they do end up more or less in the right places. At this point, there's tweaking to do; all of those will have affected the actual inclination change and so on, but it'll be very very close. At that point, pull up the options in precise node, turn off the intuitive behaviour, and start fine tuning the burn to get so that you end up precisely in your target orbit. Doing those tweaks means you WILL want that behaviour turned off because otherwise when you're pulling (anti-)normal you'll also be pulling a little retro and a little radial in and that will screw up the other components... when it's fine tuning time it's time to turn off that feature. The great part? I will very often bring in a satellite and with a careful burn an hour or so out of LKO to get the part of the orbit in the Mun's SOI to intersect target orbit, I can upon entering Mun's SOI make one burn that fulfills the contract. Here's another way to put it. Get yourself into an circular equatorial orbit, point at the normal (that is, due north) without using SAS to follow it with a level 2 pilot and/or a probe core and fire and watch what happens to your orbit. Having the maneuver widget show you this is bloody important... because it's what will happen in the real world if you do that. The maneuver node as implemented stock makes perfect sense given what it is. Having Precise Node add the option of having the maneuver widget automagically calcuate the required pro/retro and radial in/out components for you so that you end up keeping app. the same amount of energy in your orbit is awfully nice... but having it as the only option would really really suck. Sometimes it's really handy to have it NOT calculate that.
  10. Are you using unity? Try gnome. Also, are you using the graphics-drivers ppa?
  11. Use the claw. You can transfer fuel through it. Procedure is: rendezvous with debris. Grab it with The Craw. Suck the fuel (if any) out of it. Point retro and burn until suborbital, and then Release the Craw and burn prograde until you aren't going to crash into Kerbin, and then set up the next rendezvous.
  12. In my current career game, I'm taking Slashy's approach. I've got a few bits floating about due to accidents (Jeb was having a drink and when he put it down it hit the space bar and voila... debris orbiting the Mun! ) but I've been being very careful to have debris either re-enter an atmosphere or pile into a celestial body at orbital velocity, so the vast majority of orbiting debris are capsules left from rescue missions... and now that I have the claw future rescue missions won't be leaving them up there either. At some point I may make a big high dV tug with a claw to go around and clean up the leftover capsules from my early career rescue missions... but I think I can safely put that off for a while yet.
  13. Hey, I've noticed a couple of things. I'm using the scatterer included with the latest SVE, which is 0.00300 as I understand it... so this may not actually be a real scatterer issue but it looks like one so I thought I'd start here. I've noticed that sometimes the effects "disappear" when I'm far enough away from Kerbin... this is not something that always happens but it happens a fair amount. The magic altitude at which the effects disappear is 150km. Every once in a while I get this: Any ideas? If there's any other information you'd like (logs etc) let me know. As always, beautiful work. Cheers!
  14. In software dev terms, that's called a major revision... while 1.2.1 -> 1.2.2 is a minor revision. Having done dev work in the past (and in particular relating to localization), esp. wrt software that wasn't designed with localisation in mind (i18n is how it's referred to in the trade) putting in proper i18n is a major revision... it's esp. a major revision for people who play the game for whom English is not their first language. For them, this is a major feature... as well as being a major feature to implement as apparently the early stages of the development process didn't take i18n into account.
  15. Hey folks. I'm using SVT and Kopernicus, and I'm getting a lot of this showing up in KSP.log. [EXC 19:36:08.282] NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object Kopernicus.RuntimeUtility.LateUpdate () Not causing crashing or anything, but I'm curious what may be causing this to happen... TIA!