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  1. Most mods I have seen come in folders. I have seen a few that does not, but only a few. If your mod files end up in a big pile in (the root of) the GameData folder, you are probably doing something wrong.
  2. So, possibly you will spend time to build a catalog of other authors' mod ideas. It seems a bit wasteful to me. If you want to build a library of mod ideas, why would it have to be only ideas/mods that once existed and was abandoned? I am not necessarily against your idea. It is more that I am wondering if maybe your time is better used compiling an idea library (somehow).
  3. Hello PhoenixSpaceIndustries and welcome to the forums. If you are playing KSP v. 1.2.2. I think you need to go to magico13's build server to get the development builds.
  4. I think you can use Transform.Rotate in Unity with just a three dimensional parameter, if you don't want to study quaternions.
  5. Ohh, ok. Thank you for trying it. Guess the thermometer is really advanced then. :-)
  6. Some times KCT can get a bit fidgety with the edits. Try to cancel the edit and try it again (before committing), the editor probably misread your intentions.
  7. I would treat no license as all rights reserved. But then, I may just be a grumpy old man.
  8. I think that makes sense too.
  9. I have a question about the mission notes in custom missions. I have had a look at this excellent thread: My (one and only) contract parameter has this code: cp.GetNotes () = "Param Notes." The benefit is that the note show in flight: The contract itself has this code: c.GetNotes () = "Mission Notes." But somehow both set of notes show up in the contract notes in the Mission Control building: Do you know why that is happening, or if there is a trick to avoid it?
  10. Thank you, Soulsource, Sarbian and Diazo, for your answers and hints.
  11. I notice that you can override 'GetActivation', but I don't think it makes any difference. As far as I can tell all vessels get a node in the persistence file to represent the vessel module as well. Should I consider those nodes negligible bloat, or is it best to stay clear of vessel modules for 'everyday vessel tracking'? Sarbian mentioned "disable the object"; how would I do that?
  12. @Bandus, I don't play the dev version. In the older builds the buttons were in the KCT window. Maybe the window moved off screen for you? Edit: Also check the settings, that the override option is off (if it is still there in the dev version).
  13. Is this a good thread to ask for contract implementation hints? Or is there another thread that is better suited for that? I played around with Config Configurator for the first time, and have added two contracts to the game. One contract is "C60"/"North of Sixty", which is independent of Config Configurator (it is in its own dll). The other contract is "The Kapoin POC Contract Group"/"Kapoin POC North Sixty", which is a Config Configurator one defined in a .cfg file. I start a new career and get this screen in the mission control building: Questions: I see my "C60" contract is given its own group. Fair enough. Is the image there a generic one, or is it something I can control? The Contract Configurator "Kapoin POC North Sixty" contract says it has its prerequisites met yet it is not offered. Is that a common occurrence? Do you have a good idea how that is fixed? I didn't find an answer on the Wiki, so any links with more information is appreciated.
  14. Hi, did you figure out how this happened? It is happening to me too. edit: I downloaded the source. In my case the list of assemblies found is actually of length "1". Maybe the warning text is just inaccurate.
  15. I was wondering how best to do stuff that is not time critical. Maybe I got a bit carried away. I haven't got any code yet. The example that I was playing with was to detect when difficulty settings are changed, and then update some mod variables (or maybe disable the mod). If the player changes settings and it takes a few seconds before it is detected that is just fine. So I imagined some sort of loop (or more specifically to the above case, monitor every game unpause), and then the trick would be to run the loop when the rest of the game is least busy. A more useful scenario may be to check if some contract is fulfilled yet. Let us say the contract is to make sure you have 6 satellites in a particular constellation relative to each other. Let us say to determine if the condition is satisfied requires 'heavy calculation'. Let us also assume that it is not important to detect contract success right away, if we can mange to check once a minute that is fine. Since the last post I peeked at the Contract Configurator code, and there it seemed some of the trick is to run a bit of code in Update, but only every 20th frame. (if I read it correctly). Is that how you would do it? Count frames?