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  1. First make sure you haven't forgotten about a game controller that is still connected. You wouldn't be the first to have a joystick or yoke somewhere in the corner that is still attached. Hehe. That is such an underrated technique.
  2. Maybe you could wait at the launch pad until the target orbit is directly overhead.
  3. Hello Drew Kerman. Your aircraft style is recognized from e.g. here I have a suggestion to improve the aircrafts. Switch the green and red navigation lights with each other. Please. It might make some Kerbal aircraft engineers and pilots jittery otherwise, you know. Not naming any names of course *innocent whistling*.
  4. I think the best method is to search the 'Add-on Releases' for the mods you use.
  5. You can copy the entire KSP folder to a new folder. Delete some mods in from the new folder, and check if the problem is still there, by running KSP_x64.exe from the new folder. That way you can 'check' say four mods at a time. Once you know which four, do the same thing again, this time removing only two of the four mods. Last time of course just remove one of the two that seems to give a problem.
  6. I agree with you; the warning seems strange to me too. There is a list of the loaded CC assemblies, which is one item long. Possibly the log output was meant as a debug message only(?). and not a warning as such.
  7. Most mods I have seen come in folders. I have seen a few that does not, but only a few. If your mod files end up in a big pile in (the root of) the GameData folder, you are probably doing something wrong.
  8. So, possibly you will spend time to build a catalog of other authors' mod ideas. It seems a bit wasteful to me. If you want to build a library of mod ideas, why would it have to be only ideas/mods that once existed and was abandoned? I am not necessarily against your idea. It is more that I am wondering if maybe your time is better used compiling an idea library (somehow).
  9. Hello PhoenixSpaceIndustries and welcome to the forums. If you are playing KSP v. 1.2.2. I think you need to go to magico13's build server to get the development builds.
  10. I think you can use Transform.Rotate in Unity with just a three dimensional parameter, if you don't want to study quaternions.
  11. Ohh, ok. Thank you for trying it. Guess the thermometer is really advanced then. :-)
  12. Some times KCT can get a bit fidgety with the edits. Try to cancel the edit and try it again (before committing), the editor probably misread your intentions.
  13. I would treat no license as all rights reserved. But then, I may just be a grumpy old man.
  14. I think that makes sense too.
  15. I have a question about the mission notes in custom missions. I have had a look at this excellent thread: My (one and only) contract parameter has this code: cp.GetNotes () = "Param Notes." The benefit is that the note show in flight: The contract itself has this code: c.GetNotes () = "Mission Notes." But somehow both set of notes show up in the contract notes in the Mission Control building: Do you know why that is happening, or if there is a trick to avoid it?