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  1. @blackheart612 tweakscale patch updated, sorry for the delay
  2. @blackheart612 Please make the rotors more powerful. They are extremely underpowered foything more than a couple tons. Also what are the chances of getting so more cockpits for mk1 and size 2 or possibly even a size 3/4 set of parts?
  3. you can keep them it wont effect the game at all, they just wont produce nuclear blasts
  4. Repost, but it's only required if you want the the nuclear weapons to work. And I don't support 1.3 yet so bugs are bound to be present
  5. There is no one way it's supposed to look. The parts are modular
  6. Require no unless you want the nukes to function, then you'll need NKD. There is many mods that help with this one suh as KRX for rotors. It *should* however I don't actually support 1.3 yet so it may contain bugs
  7. here for you sir If youre looking for military green, check out blue hawk industries
  8. A lot more than 2/3 of us still use this mod man, and we appreciate you keeping it alive!
  9. What the Irishman said Thanks! Honestly it *should* work fine in 1.3 as is. However I do plan to ensure it does and update it accordingly once we get a stable 1.3 release in the coming weeks. Until then however it wont be worked on as I dont want to spend hours fixing things just for them to be re-broken by further 1.3.X updates
  10. It is already included in Blue Hawk Industries
  11. @blackheart612 just fyi, tweakscale patch updated
  12. @blackheart612 I'm gonna hold off on updating tweakscale until a final release in case more parts get added or names changed or parts or what not.
  13. youre the man Ooh rah ah didnt know that happened, thanks will pick that up for sure!
  14. could you throw this link in your op please sir? I havent had that issue with any of my mods VLS or missile launch type systems, you shouldnt be having that problem with the nodes?
  15. ALL: With that, I do maintain a tweakscale patch for this mod and will do so in the future, just an FYI. @SpannerMonkey(smce) could you throw that link in the op btw? Want to shoot me the newest dev version for further testing? Im free the next couple days and can get some more testing done. Also what mods are you using for water? That looks beautiful! <3