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  1. @blackheart612 just fyi, tweakscale patch updated
  2. @blackheart612 I'm gonna hold off on updating tweakscale until a final release in case more parts get added or names changed or parts or what not.
  3. youre the man Ooh rah ah didnt know that happened, thanks will pick that up for sure!
  4. could you throw this link in your op please sir? I havent had that issue with any of my mods VLS or missile launch type systems, you shouldnt be having that problem with the nodes?
  5. ALL: With that, I do maintain a tweakscale patch for this mod and will do so in the future, just an FYI. @SpannerMonkey(smce) could you throw that link in the op btw? Want to shoot me the newest dev version for further testing? Im free the next couple days and can get some more testing done. Also what mods are you using for water? That looks beautiful! <3
  6. Just a few: PEW Blue Hawk Industries Stuff and Things North Kerbin Dynamics NAS SM Armory There is about a million weapons mods covering all eras and types
  7. What do you need support with? You didnt ask..... lol Why bother converting to DDS at all, it tends to cause more issues than fixes in my experience.
  8. Not to be rude, buttttttt a weapons bay that doesn't close and without a working texture, isn't really what I would call development man.....
  9. UPDATE 5 The extending hanger is now included once again and is substantially better than the original version, enjoy!
  10. Was referring to the guy asking about F22 Red vs Blue CONTINUED is not outdated
  11. There is already one like this in Red vs. Blue Continued in Mk2 form factor
  12. On second look actually it looks as though I edited that and it isnt included anymore. Ill work on reincluding it soon
  13. Ah gotcha. Will there be handcuffs and ropes? Or is this not that kind of "using?" For real though feel free to hit me up anytime. I'll help you guys out with whatever I can and have experience with most aspects of modding at this point. So yeah, good luck for now!
  14. @OwenM uhhhhh thanks for the thanks and all, but what did I do? lol
  15. Cool let me know if you guys run into any issues you need help with then. Happy to help out!