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  1. What animation and what do you mean solidity? Gonna need you to be way more clear on that one.......
  2. @Redshift OTF any news man?
  3. Update out that has several minor fixes and adds a cruise missile to the launchable items from the Missile Launcher setup
  4. Yeah sorry to say you may have wasted a lot of your time on that man The tweakscale patch is already available and working in the OP.....
  5. Yeah get me an actual issue report or I can't help you. Because that is useless to me.....
  6. Did you: Download the tweakscale patch from the OP? read the instructions? and follow the directions? what game version are you using?
  7. 1. I don't have it anymore. The point of the mod and KSP is to build things, I reccomend trying that..... 2. It uses parts from other mods too quite clearly
  8. it functions perfectly fine. making circular holes in modeling software is a pain in the ass therefore the block is just solid, the top portion doesnt have a collider on it so it functions flawlessly
  9. yes, and it is and works with BD Armory and various weapons
  10. not broken at all, your computer may be throwing a temper tantrum or something as it is working fine for me.
  11. I honestly couldnt tell you but a rough guess would be somewhere around 120 maybe?
  12. I wont be posting any of the craft files that I have because they involve other mods as well but others are welcome to. And it isnt dead at all, there was an update not that long ago!
  13. Blue Hawk Aerospace Blue Hawk Aerospace is a general aviation mod that I aim to fill some of the niche roles of parts that are currently missing from the KSP modding world. Hopefully you enjoy the parts and let me know if you would like to see something added! DROPBOX DOWNLOAD Part Pictures: Notes: *The wings need to be placed separately left/right, if you just mirror place them the wings will fold opposite directions. This is caused by a KSP symmetry issue and is not something that is fixable. *All parts are tweakscale compatible *Make sure you download the most recent update available at the download link, I will keep old downloads there also
  14. @blackheart612, tweakscale patch has been updated. It is at the same link so no need to update your OP or anything, just a heads up! On a side note, awesome work man keep it up! Everyone please let me know if a part of the patch isnt working for you and I will get it fixed!