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  1. Version 2 now available! Parts added: -falcon cockpit -conformal fuel tank(mk1) -non folding wing -elevator -air intake -afterburning jet engine -nosecone radar Enjoy and let me know what you think!
  2. It should? I have t changed the model or anything for the extending hanger in forever
  3. Screenshot?
  4. the easiest way is go by the highest number is the most recent, if you want to double check change it from grid to list sort(top right corner of page above the files) and look at the modified dates.
  5. always go with the most recent version, I keep old versions there as well so that people can backpedal if an update breaks a craft or the game or what not
  6. The F-35 parts yeah but no offense taken, just a differing opinion is all.
  7. Fair enough then. And Ill just go ahead and politely disagree with you on that second part before we get into a shouting match
  8. Sad face is sad.......................... Outside of that though I have a request. Could you do a(and yes I know its already in other mods) F-35-ish line of parts. Cockpit, engine, weapons bay, etc... Ill even help you on it if you want, but youre the master of stock textures, and I am not at all.
  9. You could try using the KSP Wheels dependency from Kerbal Foundries, that might be easier and you could always ask the people running that mod how to set it all up!
  10. Glad to hear it, enjoy the mod man!
  11. I don't post craft files because they include parts from other mods. As for a guide guide on how to make the planes google image search and match off that or create your own. The point of this game is to be creative. I have faith that you can figure it out, it's fairly simple
  12. Im always watching
  13. thanks for the support with MTW!
  14. @blackheart612, tweakscale patch updated. This new stuff is awesome man, looking forward to the landing gear!