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  1. Not really, since I rarely use radiators at all in my builds. I might try it on other replicas.
  2. Posting this now since I won't have time to tomorrow. April 1947: Convair XB-46 Description sourced from Aware of advancement of jet bombers in Germany, the U.S. War Department issued a requirement for medium bombers weighing from 36 to 91 tons. One of the several designs built to fulfill it was Convair's XB-46 bomber, which was built as a single mostly unarmed prototype to test air maneuvering. First flight occurred on April the 2nd 1947, after a month of taxi testing. Stability was found to be satisfactory, although there were problems with de-icing, the cabin air system and oscillation in the wings. Control surfaces were moved by a pneumatic system, which was unusual considering most contemporary planes used manual, electrical or hydraulic systems. Maximum bombload was of 20 000 pounds, in addition to two M2 12.7mm machine guns mounted in the tail. Although eventually accepted for service, no B-46s were produced for the design was already obsolete by August 1947, where the XB-47 and XB-45's planned performances would eclipse the B-46's. Ground testing on aerodynamics and the unique pneumatic system continued at several bases until 1951, where the nose section was donated to the U.S. Air Force museum at Ohio. The rest of the fuselage was scrapped in 1952. Builder's notes Sorry for my ex-fellow toaster users, this plane has over 400 parts due to the triple Mk2 fuselage and the pretty complex engine pods which I couldn't get entirely correctly. The plane has a slightly lower top speed than the real deal, but weighs over twice as much at about 90 tons, requiring me to use 16 (If my memory is correct) Wheesleys to propel it. Action group 1 toggles the flaps, while action group 5 toggles the cargo bay and staging past the engines drop bombs. Flight handling is what you'd expect from a medium/heavy bomber, which means relatively sluggish controls especially in pitch. Download link Next up: XB-48 by @Servo
  3. Mini fighter Mini tank Used BDA(c)
  4. Wait, it's 1 per category? I'll enter this in "Trucks" then. MDL Wolverine 2A1 MBT with a "turboshaft" (Actually turbojet propulsed) engine. It can also turn in place when immobile and unbraked, W+A being used for the left and S+D for the right. Driving is done by throttling the Wheesley, and reverse gear is the thrust reverser. AG: 1) Fire weapon 2) Next weapon 3) Toggle thrust reverse Actually a MiG-29 airframe design. I also got a Su-27 airframe series, but it's much bigger.
  5. Didn't think about that one. Just that RCS requires at least 5 parts (Nozzle for each movement axis + fuel tanks) while SAS requires only one module.
  6. Remove oxidizer tanks, since you're using nukes. If you have RCS, remove it and replace with SAS. Remove the unneeded wing plates and canards, maybe rebuild the cockpit part to be simpler, like using a Mk2 cockpit instead of the complex armor. Use 2x2 plates whenever possible, for example in the bow. Maybe add engine armor? Also wings make weak armor at 15 m/s impact tolerance, so you could replace them with 2x2s.
  7. Finished my X-27 too! It has a slightly higher top speed at Mach 3, but otherwise it's very similar in size and performance to the real thing. The elevators even have the same 25 degree deviation. Actual plane for reference, a pose which I replicated. Also, for @NorthAmericanAviation or @Servo, if you guys are writing the bio, I found a good ad by Lockheed on the X-27. The wording on the OP is a bit confusing, so I'm not sure if we make the post and write an article or if you guys do it.,832.0.html
  8. You see the Mk16 antenna? The shell usually hits between the first white and red bands. Practice is the best way to get it right, so cheat up the SH-125 into orbit and shoot at stuff. And you need to use the cockpit view (C) to aim
  9. Rotating bomb bay for the XB-51 I showed earlier
  10. Might I suggest the Avro Arrow in the build roster? Pretty good design for its time, and it was built by Canada in 1958, so not too far from the time and space concerned.
  11. Close enough
  12. Lockheed-Martin X-27 is mine! I'll build the actual X-27/CL-1600 airframe which was designed for high speed testing. I might go a bit alternate history and add stock missiles, but only if I can get the plane right.
  13. F-2F+ stronk plen Video shows a modded version, but the craft is stock F-2F%2B Super Predator STOCK.craft?dl=0
  14. Also gonna update my OP in a while. AV-1 Tiger attack VTOL F-6 Longbow interceptor
  15. About that gear gun... I've kept doing some tests, and have gotten pretty good results on the Aegis. The ship mounting the weapon Shot penetration point Damage done As you can see, it pretty much neglects armor when it hits and wipes out a major part of the interior. The actual aiming and reloading process takes some time, but is quick to learn. Pros: Plenty of damage Can pen pretty much any armor Cons: Long aiming/reloading, vulnerable during reload Has to be aimed visually (targeting doesn't work since the projectile hits a little bit above the target when using SAS) So, in light of this, I'm asking @HatBat and @ScriptKitt3h if I should keep developing the weapon. My concerns are that it may be too much of a trouble to aim during an episode, and that it may cross the "OP line" mentioned in the submission post. Here's the craft if anyone wants to test it. Aiming is done by going into the cockpit and placing the target on the junction between the lowest white and red parts of the commutron. Firing is done by extending the gear and undocking the attached ammo. Three reloads are carried, and can be attached to the firing port after retracting gear. SH-125K.craft?dl=0