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  1. It also weighs only 4 tons and only has a 400 kg thrust engine, or 3.9 kN
  2. We can choose sides? If that's the case, I don't really mind if any of my vehicles go on any sides, or even if some are on different sides. I'll leave the balancing to you.
  3. I'll post some of my "prototypes", which aren't ready yet for Hatbat's KS but have been proved enough to fly. Feel free to mess with the armament or description, as long as I'm credited for them. Action groups: Fire weapons Next weapon Engine related (Either afterburners, reverse mode or toggling electric generators None usually Usually cargo bay related FB-1 Fighter-bomber FB-1.craft?dl=0 F-10B Coromoran II carrier fighter F-10B Cormoran.craft?dl=0 MDL 2K27 Tundra W2R (Basically a radar version of the 2K26 with some armor plating) 2K27 Tundra W2R.craft?dl=0 ICV-3 Infantry Combat Vehicle (Very early development) C-2 Albatros cargo plane (Empty) C-2 Albatros.craft?dl=0
  4. B-2R Bad flight management leads to splash down, but it has more than enough range for the requirements. Re-entry is probably possible with a good approach, but this one wasn't.
  5. Okay, LAST crafts for this month, I swear. Probably. Unless I still come out with more stuff, since I have at least 4-5 projects currently underway. 2A1/2(M) with new BDA armor As @Deathpuff12 had remarked, armor construction is now much easier with much less parts, the new Wolverines having about 100 less parts than the old ones. There are only minor aesthetic changes from the old version, and this one is mostly to make use of the new armor. MDL Model 469 jeep + M102U towed artillery piece A light towed artillery piece. While I don't see any potential use for it, I thought it looked nice and it had been sitting in my hangar for quite a while, so I modernized it with the new armor parts. Visit your local MCA dealer today for more offers.
  6. And that was fast. 2A1M, gonna post description in a few days. If you like the 2A1 and HeLT1's style, you can try using thermal plates to add contrast in the currently entirely grey armor/structural plates, although that comes at the price of survivability when being shot.
  7. Amazing! Gonna try it soon I should also get out a new Wolverine with actual armor. And by new I now mean rescrapping the entire structural plate 2A1 and changing them for armor.
  8. Isn't that armor part of another mod though? I remember trying the Sabre some time back and being unable to load it since I didn't have the BDA extension.
  9. XV-2 next to its predecessor, the AV-1 It's more of a transport version, but can carry heavier armament such as the 120mm turret. Trials are still ongoing.
  10. 0/10 Never saw you before
  11. Make sure it's up to date for ksp 1.3
  12. New design named XF-14 to replace my F-4 series. Ironically, I started it based on the MiG-23 to replace a Su-27 like plane while irl the Su-27 replaced the MiG-23
  13. 1960s-70s: Lockheed X-27/CL-1600 Lancer In the 1960s, a competition known as the "International Fighter Aircraft competition" aimed to provide low-cost fighters for U.S. allies. Competing aircraft included the McDonnell-Douglas F-4F Phantom, Dassault Mirage F1, Northrop YF-17 and F-5E Tiger II, the last one eventually winning the bid. Lockheed's entry was known as the CL-1200 Lancer, a prototype interceptor to replace the aging F-104 Starfighter. Although generally similar to the previous fighter, the CL-1200 was actually a major improvement, and would have performance still valuable well into the 90s for an interceptor. The X-27 mock-up, courtesy from Major changes included: Taken from Lockheed-Martin ad from,832.0.html. I highly suggest you read it if you want more information on the plane and its context. Elevator deflection was also changed from 17 to 25 degrees for additional maneuverability, in addition to a triangular section added in front of the trapezoidal wings. Full leading edge flaps were added, being automatically controlled with the trailing edge flaps during combat. Planned armament was an internal M61 Vulcan cannon, in addition with up to 4 AIM-7 Sparrow missiles or 10 AIM-9 Sidewinders. All development was cancelled in November 1970 when the F-5E won the competition and no orders had been placed. The USAF planned to purchase at least one CL-1200 under the name X-27 for low-risk engine testing, which is the version replicated. This model would have replaced shock cone intakes with rectangular ones. It was also slightly smaller and slower by estimates from Lockheed. However, due to lack of support from congress or the air force, no airworthy prototype was constructed, and the project didn't go past the mock-up stage. Builder's notes I couldn't replicate the exact shape of the elevator while keeping it functionally a full deflection one, so I kept it at a single tab one. Top speed is also slightly higher at Mach 3.3 instead of the real Mach 2.6, but dimensions are very close to the real one. Flaps can be extended using the 1 action group, although you might need to toggle them from normal extension to inverted some times. Download: Lancer.craft?dl=0
  14. Be sure to give your missile enough thrust to not plummet to the ground. Try launching it without the guidance system and seeing if it can leave the tube/decoupler without crashing into the ground Give your missile a target. Without target, it's unguided, and going straight into the ground Add lift surfaces or switch to cruise missile guiding if necessary. Flying closer to the ground with low thrust = higher crash chances, but you can set a cruise altitude with the cruise missile mode (ex: at 800m AGL) and thus not hit the ground.