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  1. ¿Podrías pasarme el link de esos mods o tu gamedata? No está mal la variedad jaja.
  2. Me acabo de registrar ahora, aunque llevo unos cuantos meses con el KSP. Ahora mismo estoy con el RSS intentando llegar a la órbita. Y tú, ¿que mods tienes?
  3. @cratercracker Really worked art work. I think it should take you a lot of time. By the way, if you have time, can you add Deimos to Mars? I think it's the unique satellite isn't there (I don't mean all the satellites of Jupiter or Saturn).
  4. @Casualnaut Amazing, continue with another chapters! But just a question, why at the start of the text Jeb says he is not in orbit and at the end of the text he goes few hours of nap?
  5. Un saludo a todos. Por aquí un español.
  6. ¡Si! Joder que falso... yo me quedé flipando cuando ví la película. Un saludo.
  7. I think this is not the apprioritate section, but can you tell me if there is a game where you can design only the parts of the rockets or the engine? If this is the wrong section, tell me where can I write this.
  8. @jonpfl Use stock planes and see how they are built, or you can see a tutorial on youtube to start.
  9. Yes, that texture is a lot smoother in my opinion.
  10. @cratercracker It's amazing!
  11. I really like the idea of weapons.
  12. I like it, it's very alike.
  13. I am Spanish but I want the game in English. How can I change the language?
  14. Interesting challenge.