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  1. okay here are my logs, both x32 and x64 x32: x64: Please help me!
  2. Cant find my log files, the ones you need, I think the modloader has some cache stuff left from that ProceduralWings B9 mod wich rekt my whole game, and once near the end of my loading screen it says 365 entries loaded from cache, Im certain that the modloader is the reason why i cant get to the menu with my precious mods. My mods list: Airplane plus, 77industries, BDArmory, BD vessel Switcher, AviatorArsenal, BD FPS weapons, CAL, ChannelMarkerGreen, CommunityCategoryKit, CommunityResourcePack, Firespitter, FSHangarExtender, HLAirships, ImprovedChaseCamera, KAX, KerbalCities, Kerbal Foundries, Kerbinside, Kerbaltek, KerbalKonstrukts, KerbalJointReinsforcement, KIS, KSPWheel, LshipParts x3, MaritimePack, MPUtils, NAS, Oldschool Turrets, SM_Marine, SM_Static, another VesselMover lol, Wildblueindustries, and at last around 6 files from Modmanager, most of them cache files or md ones, I even have a physics file lying over there.
  3. Wont spend money on my pc, lol, im saving up for my first car.
  4. The mod is long uninstalled, that was my first thing after the error became obvious. Still no effect. Tho the modloader appears to be wierdy, saying something like 365 stuff have been loaded from cache, and a little bit later after loading up some more stuff the game crashes. Im using game version 1.2, havent updated, and dont even want to, because of my mods being most for 1.1.2, and they work fine with 1.2, therefore I dont have the need for anything newer.
  5. Hi guys, Ive been using 1.2 for a long time, never had any crashes etc.... I had and I have around 2 gigs of mods,but I wanted to have B9 procedural wings installed, because I saw great ww2 plane models made in that mod, tho i had something procedural stuff already installed.. Nevermind,.. Since I installed the B9 one for 1.3 I cant play the game. Tried running it with openGL , with DX11 , no difference. Allways crashing... Please help!
  6. pics pls
  7. UPDATE: The game went well, until I installed proceduralwings B9 for the game, 1.2, the mod itself was made for 1.3, I experienced a crash whilst loading in the game files. I went on the dearing endeavour to run the game in openGL, so I did that , supposedly, but it didnt do any better. Im stuck with trying to enter the game lol, I deleted the ProceduralWings mod, and still .......
  8. Whats interesting is that, even tho yes my CPU is fairly old, being a phenom from 2009, tho, the game never crashes. Still have to make it run under DX11.
  9. Wiill try it in a second. Lets hope my game wont get glitches, or crashes. I will also install the mod u linked to me.
  10. So unity is just like Java, having your CPU handle all the ***t. So if I have a good GPU, wich I do, I shall make it be DX11. On the otherhand as I said previously, I have no glitches, no crashes.
  11. My game is pretty stable actually, and I only get the lags when more heavy vehicles appear at the same time. Like i said with 300 parts or more. I didnt try neither the mod you linked me, neither the DX11 openGL version, Will the OpenGL stuff work better?
  12. Will 16GB of RAM help alot? I also plan to make videos with KSP.
  13. Hello guys, im using windows 10 64bit pro, I h ave 2x4GB of dual channel Kingston 1666Mhz RAM. My PC Specs: CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition 3.4 Ghz GPU: AMD Radeon HD 6870 1GB GDDR5 256bit by PowerColor RAM: 2x 4GB Dual-Channel Kingston 1666Mhz RAM sticks.(DDR3) Hard Drive: SATA 2 only, Motherboard: Gigabyte 78LMT-S2 supporting up to 16GB of DDR3 ram. My game is pretty stable, i use like close to circa 40 mods. The game never crashed at all, tho I noticed that I get very low fps and a bit of lag when I have 2 separate ships, a battleship consisting of 330 parts, with a tiny bomber.. bla bla bla... at the same time around 12 km proximity. What can I do in order to increase smoothness, performance?
  14. I played Forgotten Hope 2, an exciting mod for BATTLEFIELD 2, making it have better graphics than Heroes And Generals, with tons of weapons from WW2, and maps from there. Its a total conversion to World War 2, it got millions of tanks, handguns,rifles, cars, ships, planes, bombeers and so on. Featuring japanese,italian,german,russian,finnish,american,british tanks. Maps from Western front, eastern, north africa, far east BURMA, pacific like peleliu,midway, and so on. IMHO it beats Battlefield 1 and any modern shooter. Also its pretty realistic, plus fun!
  15. Banned for being a bagguette eater (french)