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  1. No, it didn't and it has nothing to do with n-body physics. You have just switched to a different frame of reference. Your velocity is now being displayed relative to Kerbin (previously it was being displayed relatively to the Mun).
  2. I wonder if the game will really allow for the creation of such complex colonies as in the screenshot below. I mean there are thousands of parts here...
  3. Is Orlando Airport still available for download somewhere? I've found a link but download was removed: https://www.dropbox.com/s/s4dm6tj75snxhf4/BaconAerospace.rar?dl=0 Because it is not set up as a runway. You have either spawn a marker on it and call it a runway or just spawn your aircraft on a stock runway and move it using Vessel Mover. I use it rather succesfully in 1.2.2 for last two years. Recently I've even added Baikonur from Kosmodrome mod.
  4. Yes, but I just noticed that in newer AJE versions FHV was increased from 36 mln to 45 mln which is supposed to increase efficiency so I will apply that.
  5. @blowfish I would like to ask you about one thing. Isn't the specific impulse for RAPIER engine a bit too low at static conditions, just before takeoff? I am asking about 100% throttle with afterburner. For a comparison most of turbojets and turbofans have something like 2000-2500 ISP with full afterburner on. At higher altitudes and speeds it is ok, comparable with other engines but i feel like I am loosing waay too much fuel just for takeoff and climbing. Another thing - specific energy for methane is a bit higher than for a regular jet fuel, shouldn't this be reflected in specific impulse? EDIT: just noticed that this was fixed on github 2 years ago https://github.com/KSP-RO/AJE/commit/e60ce68dcb9c11f0d89d79a7b543f6e33c20f071#diff-7712b54154072776670435a729c7f4ea so I will just apply new settings to my installation.
  6. Near Future Propulsion is the only supported mod I've heard of. 1. Launching vertically and landing on the parachute (like I do with DynaSoar in RP-0) 2. Using KSP 1.0.5 for horizontal takeoff and landing.
  7. Thank you. Everything works fine now. I've made 200 day spiral burn within just 20 minutes.
  8. @MarkusA380 hey could you tell me how to keep prograde orientation during time warp? I need that to do spiral burn with my realistically powered Ion tug. I have reaction wheel installed but it doesn't work during time warp. KSP version 1.2.2
  9. Absolutely no. Single rocket requires maybe 3h to recreate and test so 50 rockets = 150h within 3 years = 50h per year or 8 minutes per day.
  10. With RO suite of mods you can launch even 0,25 kg payload to orbit.
  11. Yep. This is why it took me 3-4 years of playing RO to build all of them.
  12. 1. Use as modern stuff as possible 2. Make your probe as light as possible. For instance cubesats from AIES can be scaled down to about 0,25 kg. 3. Use Procedural Avionics to create as light as possible guidance unit. Do not attach it to the last stage - use spin stabillisation instead. 4. Use solid fuel. Procedural SRBs can be easily miniaturized so you can create very small upper stages. 5. Use supersonic or hypersonic plane as a first stage. Staging at Mach 2.0 will save about 30-40% of LV weight, staging at Mach 6 - about 60%. Here is an example. 775 kg launcher (orange rocket) - 15 kg payload. Just about the size of a sounding rocket and with a 0,25 kg payload it could be 2-3x lighter. But if you're limited by early tech... that's a full different story. I remember that my first orbital capable launcher was just a replica of Vanguard: 10t vehicle - 3 stages: X-405, AJ-10, solid upper stage.
  13. @Starwaster https://github.com/KSP-RO/RealISRU/blob/master/GameData/RealISRU/Parts/HexAssembly/sabatier.cfg Currently Sabatier unit produces not only methane and water but also incredible amount of electrical power: 300 kilowatts. With that powerful device you don't need any nuclear reactors or solar panels for your fuel production facility because sabatier unit does all of that for you. Is sabatier reactor really supposed to generate any electricity? According to wikipedia it rather require energy to work: EDIT: nevermind, I saw you already removed that electricity production in your github branch.
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