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  1. This entire thread is filled with suggestions, where have you been? Hell, I offered one up myself. You just stop by to chastise a comment I made you saw in passing?
  2. My dude(ette), we're talking about KSP2 here, where the developers are at least trying to construct a coherent game with inherent challenges and actually thinking about what they want that game to look like, not a decade-old barely-designed set of poorly-integrated incoherent ideas someone called "a game". Let's stay on the same page.
  3. Pretty much. Getting a badly-designed unaerodynamic turd into space should be a real accomplishment of skill rather than just the game letting you do it for because. I originally thought the wobble should be entirely removed but after KSP1 and its autostrut, well it makes the game incredibly easy. For that matter, I'm of the opinion that space tape should have some real downsides in order to penalize using too much. Wobble is about the only real puzzle challenge to solve in this game.
  4. Even worse, Chris doesn't want procedural tanks in the game either. We're getting LEGOs and everything that comes with them. Real shame.
  5. Not to mention if it creates a false expectation in the playerbase, which will absolutely happen no matter how many warnings to the contrary...
  6. Please don't implement autostrut, it completely trivialized KSP1. Similarly, it would really suck if a craft was treated as a single rigidbody. What I think could work pretty well would be node-to-node welding of similar size, so a 2.5 -> 2.5 node would weld but a 1.25 -> 2.5 node wouldn't weld. Makes adapters useful, makes a sort of intuitive sense, reduces rigidbodies, doesn't mess with wheels (if they're surface attached)... Naturally this wouldn't apply between decouplers. vOv At least you guys aren't taking the easy out.
  7. No, no I don't, I don't think the point really has much point to it.
  8. Genuinely looking forward to hearing about what kind of solutions y'all have in mind and what sort of game you intend to create with those solutions.
  9. Every single auto-spawn named Kerbal (but most especially Jeb). Give me randos every time, I don't want any of these jokers.
  10. Probably not and IMO that's a really good thing. I'd much rather they take their time to ensure we don't get additional bugs and that future features have as few hiccups as possible, and ensure that the team stays fresh so when they run into an obstacle or need to issue a hotfix it gets done quickly by attentive developers. Naturally that's just me, I'm pretty patient about all this, but the bottom line is that IG is going to work the way they think is best, the only people they ultimately have to answer to is Take Two and no one in the community should really have any say over IG's jobs or pace (beyond whether you buy or not, or refund).
  11. Where the hell did that happen? Maybe read what I wrote again and try parsing it, I'm all in favor of people NOT getting fired in professions other than development for refusing or bucking deadlines. I'm no game dev, I do business software where mistakes can cost money in real time and get fixed in real time, and I've done my share of "62 hours in four days"-style crunches where my kid is asking if I'm still actually working to meet a deadline some idiot in product management thought was a good idea to promise to our customers but failed to prioritize in the normal sprints, and I do work extra on occasion to get stuff out the door. My point is that kind of stuff isn't sustainable; it gets people looking for other jobs, leads to burnout very quickly, and quite frequently results in even more bugs due to inattention fatigue that a game like KSP2 really doesn't need any more of.
  12. Which is hilarious because the last thing I want (for instance) is someone rushing to complete a structure that needs to be mechanically sound.
  13. No, not at all. I have no idea what their work pace is but considering the amount of vacation being mentioned I think it would be pretty nice to work there, comparable to my job at least. God, that sure would be great, wouldn't it? As a software developer myself, yes, deadlines absolutely are the devil. They completely ignore reality and ruin the quality of my work/life balance.
  14. See below: Also this: Quite frankly I'd much rather have developers doing developer things rather than interacting with the community. It's pretty clear to me from reading Nertea's recent "interview" that Intercept isn't going to take gameplay ideas or tips from the community. They're instead going to consider their own design first, show the playable implementation of that to the community in the form of a release, and then refine that based on community input to deal with pain points in that particular implementation. The community isn't going to be suggesting how things will pan out or involved in any way before the feature is released. We'll get teasers of stuff that will be implemented beforehand but we're not going to get a full walkthrough of a system until it's in our hands.
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