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  1. Nothing about this post is related to anything above it, just some things I noticed from my tour of the save file: *The Eve Station is in a retrograde orbit *The Duna "Station" has been severely neglected *The Minmus ISRU surface base has no docking ports *Whoever built this polar ring station broke a lot of rules , I know @Combatsmithen started a new polar station. I'm just saying, maybe we could flip the orbit of the Eve Station and give the Duna Station some attention while @ZooNamedGames plans out the new KSS. What do you think @53miner53?
  2. @Combatsmithen your shuttle crash was similar to how I crashed the front part of the Splitz, except I fell less than 20 meters to the ground and I managed to regain some control before crash landing. Since I hit the ground hard with only with the right front landing gear, I managed to brake enough with the left and back to avoid skidding along the ground too much. Similar accidents though!
  3. Using my SSTO that can get overweighted by a single cookie, I rendezvous with your space shuttle and switch my ore scanner from "ore" to "cookie" and locate the cookie under the solar array of the probe in the cargo bay. I then steal fuel from your shuttle and use it to get my SSTO to minmus. My Minmus cookie, since you cannot eat Minmus itself.
  4. Plopped my Escape Pod on the station, since you guys are re-arranging the station it might help for transferring kerbals or something. I'll call the "SSTO" I used the Splitz, since it splits in two Flight To Orbit: Returning the Splitz to Kerbin: Docking With The Station: Some Notes: I noticed Valentina is a boy on the station, who made that little easter egg? The Escape Pod is 7 parts total, but it only has one docking port so I've gone over the 5 part limit. What for you may ask? 1 RCS thruster block, for easy docking anywhere. Just count it as my 2nd docking part. I think making the station 100% neat and orderly would remove the "kerbal" and "community" aspect to it, but getting rid of the klaws I admit is a must. A truss structure is a nice addition, however it needs to be expandable, just keep that in mind. Maybe @ZooNamedGames, once it's your turn take a final picture of the station before its completely re-arranged.
  5. Sorry, I was busy all day, but I came only 1 post late! @53miner53 mine away (or something)!
  6. Yes actually I had to wait about a week to do anything , but it serves a purpose, it's so two people don't take the save file at once and both add modules, which creates two different versions of the station. (I'm relatively new here, but I'm guessing that's what happened)
  7. Bork dies . Borkpocalypse comes to an end, and Doge takes over the world
  8. I like how you ask a person who's profile says "last visited July 2015" Maybe you should've asked for @Donald Trump, at least he visited in February of this year! @A is next! <--- last visited never?
  9. I was busy building an SSTO and didn't hear your roast. I come over later completely unaffected and take the cookie(s) My Cookie(s)
  10. Ok then I'll get my stuff ready and should be done by the end of the weekend at latest What I am using: An "SSTO" that has the escape pod in the middle and splits into two parts to release it. The front part lands back at the runway like normal, and the engines follow, parachuting down as close as possible. Pictures of it almost finished, only a few more tweaks left! The Weird Backwards Facing Turbofan "Wheesley" is for the front of the plane when it splits off
  11. All this time you guys have been chasing after a fake cookie, I swapped the cookies while you guys where busy jumping off the grand canyon... allllllllllllllll the way back on page 1 It's been my cookie for a while now, and since I just revealed this it will now be taken
  12. Based on a true story (except with my brother instead of friend) I've gone over and put my Cessna on my original post
  13. @MarvinKitFox Once you get your orbit line above 70 m or so (68,000? ) let me know! You also didn't list your finished science points, which would give you a higher position on the leaderboard. For now I'll put you on the "suborbital" leaderboard with a max height of 859,101 m and 0 science. Edit: I noticed you were on a science file mode (not career), due to the level 3 VAB and launchpad, I'll let it go this time
  14. You hit a gas line while digging and the government uses you hill's dirt to fill the hole back up, complaining about property and mining rights, etc. Due to complaints about a lack of scenery, a new hill is built and I build my house on it to provide even more scenery, therefore claiming the hill