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  1. SAS maybe? especially if its set to retrograde it might move a bit and adjust to track it
  2. 0/10 I don't know you but I just got back
  3. Can we get support for the headphone stands? It would be nice if it did the same things as a mousepad would.
  4. To be honest, I had grown tired of hosting this challenge, and between that and people clamoring for using specific versions but not actually posting, and the first station breaking without me having time to reassemble it, I decided to let someone else reboot it. Here it is, in 1.8.1, if you’re interested:
  5. Can’t we only pong one person at a time @VoidCosmos?
  6. Maybe they’ll come later @Dirkidirk
  7. On an unrelated note, I think I’m actually starting to see the images in that style of emoji. \o/
  8. They get to pick whichever they want to, which probably will be whichever they entered the room to do. The real question is who designed those like that. Seems like the toilet would get in the way of taking a shower to me
  9. 10/10 SPAAAAAACE!!!! *insert space core from portal 2*
  10. Communications Error: @GRS is unresponsive: Abort >Retry Ignore
  11. Strong Magnets. Sounds bad until you realize the goal of me using these magnets is to be able to make maglev shoes, so they might be strong enough to do some damage. Barely
  12. I probably lose. My KSP space program on the other hand... My fighter series could probably do some major damage at least
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