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  1. I will have to wait a week to upload the pictures, but I got 3540m/s and I was going 1654.7m/s at escape (at 85 megameters). https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-Yqjj3uhKILTWp5cG9WMmI1MUU/view?usp=sharing craft file I used KER mechjeb, I had kerbal re-usability expansion and FMRS but I didn't use those.
  2. I was doing the Jool5 challenge and had no time for this, I going to try this again soon.
  3. Here is my level 2 entry. This is my first form challenge and imgur album, so sorry if it takes a while to go through the 300 pictures. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-Yqjj3uhKILNGJuNGpneGRqdnM/view?usp=sharing craft file $697,269 and 2,132.596 tons https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-Yqjj3uhKILOEVaVFVocE9LQ3c/view?usp=sharing refuel-er craft file $173,953 and 492.533 Basically I parked a mother ship in tylo orbit. I had a laythe lander and 4 universal landers for Vall, tylo, bop, and pol. I needed the refueling mission for my laythe lander. I used KER, transfer window planer, better time warp. I had mechjeb but it wasn't used. (stock entry) Laythe and tylo used the most quicksaves.
  4. I changed my rocket a lot and now it never falls. (I can't go back and take pictures) It was basically an asparagused rocket that had 12 boosters made of 3 3.75 meter tanks and a mammoth engine. There were about 24 clamps and 400 total parts.
  5. This would have such a large score (+50% multiplier per kerbal, so 1.5^272 times other stuff); the scoring system should be changed to stuff*number of kerbals.
  6. I am currently testing my jool 5 rocket (it is 3000 tons). I have a bunch of launch stability enhancers. But, sometimes, my rocket just falls as if the launch stability enhancers were not there (it even tilts to the side). I have only mechjeb and kerbal engineer. If this is fixable, how can it be fixed?
  7. The name EXPLOIT 3 fits your craft, you came up with a great idea this scoring system has a serious problem; say one have 100 kerbals on a rocket, adding 1 kerbal to the rocket would make it so the rocket is only 1.01 times heavier (if it accomplishes the same task), but that persons score would increase by 1.5. I suggest that the scoring system should be distance*kerbalcount.
  8. I managed to get past duna, but then i burned up in re-entry.
  9. if it is measured by highest velocity at escape, then Dman's score would drop a lot if he decided to escape instead, the only thing I can think of this moment is distance from kerbins orbit. But that would be a large gain for a little velocity change.
  10. If you escape kerbin, how is it scored?