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  1. Horizontal asparagus jeb launcher with 1575m/s in LKO: https://imgur.com/a/6mxt1fc Was enough to go to minmus and back with a mun gravity assist on the way back.
  2. For the sun you must multiply it by 1.0827431828*10^9 instead of 1878968. That is the square root of the product of the gravitation constant and the sun's mass. The gravitational constant is about 6.67408*10^-11. If you were to this for Jool, it would be G (gravitational constant) multiplied by Jool's mass. It works the same for every planet/moon/body. The constant is there because if you are orbiting a heavier body, it will have more gravity, and will require more delta-v to achieve the same result.
  3. When will the president of Egypt die?
  4. I set my periapsis normally to 40k for mun returns. When i have only a pod and a expierement storage unit, no heat shield is required.
  5. I think it is actually from solar storms, although that could contribute. After a solar storm hits, my kerbals are sick and die.
  6. I have tried doing a jool 5 in kerbalism, but my kerbal always dies from radiation before even reaching jool. I think that in order to do it, hyperbolic transfer orbits would be required.
  7. This challenge is extremely unfair, if Scott Manley entered this challenge, he would almost certainly win. I suggest doing like to view ratio or like to dislike ratio.
  8. The re-entry burn does that, I am talking about the first one.
  9. What was the point of the first burn of the core stage (not launch burn)? Why didn't they just have the droneship farther east?
  10. I don't think it is possible without part clipping.
  11. You should probably put minmus in an easier category than the mun, because it takes less delta-v and is easier to land on.
  12. What does max size 2/1/0 mean? Edit: Nevermind, I am going to try this.
  13. Whenever I am re-entering the atmosphere and I turn on physics warp, the skin temperature of the hot parts drop quite significantly, enought to make the difference between destruction or survival of the pod/probe (KER readout). I am just pointing this out, so that it may be fixed.
  14. To install realism overhaul, ckan is a must have. (RO only works for 1.2.2, or whatever the last 1.2._ is).To install it, atleast for me, it usually takes multiple tries. What I do is install the big mods like real solar system, ven stock revamp, FAR, FASA etc. seperately. Then, once I have those installed, I install RO. By the way, I always delete all the craft files and thumbs before installing FAR (don't delete the folders, delete the contents of the folders.), otherwise, it doesn't work. Then, once I have those installed, I install RO. If it comes up with an error, read it. If it says that a certain mod can't be installed, deselect that mod when you try again. It often fails to install mods off of spacedock.
  15. I did my mission, and ran into many problems. I had to just do a direct transfer to Saturn because I was 200 gigameters off (because Cape Canaveral is about a degree off the tropic of cancer), and I had to not run the kos script in the titan descent it caused immense lag, so I had to ditch the heat shield and aeroshell and land with just a chute
  16. I am new to this mod, and i am trying to make it so that my craft stages once at a certain altitude. When i type if alt:radar = 15000 { stage. } It does nothing when it crosses that altitude. Also, it doesn't recognize. if 14500 < alt:radar < 15000 { stage. } If I tell it to stage when it is below a certain altitude, it goes through all of the stages. How can I make it stage once at a certain altitude?
  17. I am trying to get it as real as I can, also, the gravity assist are taking awhile to figure out, and there is school, so I will probably do it at the weekend.
  18. My plan is to use gravity assist to get to Saturn, aerobrake in Titans atmosphere to get captured, and then drop the lander into the atmosphere. Deploy the drouge, then main. Right after main deployment drop the heat shield. When it gets close to the ground, seperate the top part that also has the parachutes and flip over. Then land. This is pretty close to the real mission. https://imgur.com/a/wkiR0
  19. I have sent a kerbal to the surface of every body and back (separate missions, not a grand tour) except for Eve and Jool. In RO I sent a kerbal to the surface of the moon and back.
  20. I think the most efficient way to get there would be to launch into an elliptical orbit of kerbin that reaches the mun, use the mun for a gravity assist, and if that alone is not enough to get to duna, go to eve after that, and if that isn't enough, use kerbin for a gravity assist after eve. So a Mun-Eve-Earth path should get you to duna for <900m/s of delta-v (from LKO), with no TCMs.
  21. I'll try to simulate it in RO, but i will have to edit some config files.
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