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Found 2 results

  1. What is this? This gives your stock KSP a bit of eye candy! It is no longer a port of RVE as I am creating all of the textures myself What Currently has Enhancements? As of now, Kerbin, Eve, Duna, Laythe, and Jool all have Visual Enhancements be it clouds, atmosphere effects, or city lights (in Kerbin's case). Future development is going to focus on all of the stock planetary bodies that have atmosphere and then I will proceed to work on non-atmospheric bodies. Once all of that is done, I will return to all of the planets (at least most of them) and will hopefully get them custom terrain and ocean textures (if applicable). Are you planning on adding anything else? Yes! I hope to eventually get every planet enhanced but that will take time. Fortunately, I have plenty of that! Known Issues: Scatterer also has a few small bugs that im sure will be ironed out in the future. Sometimes the water disappears at the KSC, a scene change will remedy this. Scatterer doesn't show up in the tracking station Messing with the EVE GUI also causes weirdness sometimes. Like i said earlier, your life will be easier if you just leave the GUI's alone for now while they are so touchy.*City SCATTERER AND CLOUDS DO NOT SHOW UP IN THE MAIN MENU. I WILL NOT PROVIDE SUPPORT IF YOU DO NOT PROVIDE ME WITH AT LEAST YOUR OUTPUT.LOG AND SCREENSHOTS IF NECESSARY. IF ALL YOU HAVE TO SAY IS "THIS ISN'T WORKING" YOU WILL BE IGNORED. Important Information: All credit for this project goes to Nhawks17 and his original development of SVE. Without it, this would not be here This is bundles Scatterer. I'm designing it to look best with this installed so it may look off to you if you do not use it. I LOVE SCREENSHOTS! Change Log 1.1.6 Update to latest Scatterer v0.0300 Fixed polar pinching with some textures Hopefully found a good middle ground with Laythe's Scatterer atmosphere If you are still experiencing any lag from the volumetric clouds, open the EVE GUI (alt+0) and look for the cloud layer you want to change in the cloud manager. Scroll down until you find the layerVolume section of the GUI and change the visibleRange value from 10,000 to a lower number i.e. 8,000/5,000/2,000 until you get the performance you are looking for. Thank you @Waz for this wonderful feature. If you don't want cloud shadows, use this patch: NO CLOUD SHADOWS Download Links For 1.2 version 1.1.6 For 1.1.3 version 1.0.83 Also Try: Stock Visual Terrain For those who struggle with FPS with this mod or any other visual pack, I would like to point you towards this awesome visual mod by @parameciumkid!! SVE is licensed by CC BY-NC-ND Want to contribute to my coffee fund?
  2. Hello ! I have this hugly things on all light in my KSP from I have installed this mods. I have already try with CKAN and manual. Could someone have a solution ?