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  • About the Release and Communication of ARM


    Hey, everyone.

    First off, let me get something off my chest here: we’re laughing at the Soon™ meme too. Unfortunately, it’s more of a pained laugh for us. But we also know, when you’re in a game development environment, things don’t always run on schedule.

    That’s the case with the Asteroid Redirect Mission, which is being made in collaboration with NASA. Yes, I added that last part for added effect. We’re pretty serious about making sure this is a great update. Part of ensuring that is fixing bugs when they’re discovered. We’ve been dealing with some serious bugs that have radically stretched our release schedule into your favorite word, “Soon.â€Â

    We release information pre-launch to inform and this update is a pretty big one. We participated in SXSW Gaming – specifically to start talking about the Asteroid Redirect Mission. We also talked about it at GDC, which was a pre-scheduled trip to be at the Game Developers Choice Awards (thanks again!) and for a few team members’ talks. We even had a few post-GDC plans, as I'm sure you've seen. So we always intended to talk a lot about ARM pre-launch. What we didn’t intend was for our team to be kept so busy they’re still actively working on the build.

    So, why haven’t we given a date? Simple. We don’t have one yet. We’re as frustrated with that as anybody and our team is working hard to finish it. Just know we are trying to deliver a fun, playable update that will challenge KSP players.

    We apologize that it’s not finished. We’re truly sorry. We want this update out as badly as each of you and nothing would make us feel better than seeing everybody having the fun we know you'll have in ARM. Right now, though, your patience is appreciated. We don't have a set date, but seriously, it won't be much longer. Maybe "soon" is a bit of a misnomer here, but let's just say if all things stay on track, you'll see it in April.


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