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  • It turns out PR is short for Producer.


    Hey guys! I am happy to share some exciting news - at least for me, anyway. I'm now producer for Kerbal Space Program . You’re probably wondering what a producer does in a video game studio and

    does a great job at explaining the general idea of the position. Think of me as a hub for the team, where information will flow in and out and my job is to is to maximize (get it?) efficiency and make sure everything is working according to plan. And when it’s not, I’ll be integral in helping assure we adjust and make sure the entire team is comfortable with the changes.

    Plus, being a producer for KSP presents several unique opportunities, since you guys get to play the game while we’re making it. My background in PR means we can (responsibly!) up the level of transparency, show you more stuff we’re working on without putting unnecessary stress on the developers, and my ties to the community mean I have a constant stream of feedback from fans and modders that will enhance KSP on the way to the mythical 1.0. So expect to hear a lot from me in the future!

    You probably have some questions, and since I want to answer as many as I can and as visibly as possible, feel free to join me this Monday, July 28th over at http://www.reddit.com/r/games for an AMA at 1:00 PM EST.


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