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    Happy Holidays!

    Technical difficulties with our Twitch.TV stream made things unclear with our announcements during KerbalKon. We wanted to clear the air and make sure there was a record of what we said and why we said it.

    We are working every day to improve our communication while also making sure the community knows what to expect from us.

    So let’s go over what we shared at the end of KerbalKon:

    1. Completing the scope of KSP: This is our top priority for 2014 and we will be focused on completing Career Mode, which will link Science with new contracts and reputation systems. We don’t have a date on this for you, but we will be working on it starting on 0.24.

    2. Resource Mining: The old resource-mining plan is being shelved, which by all means, is a good thing. It wasn’t fun once we got down to it, so we’re not losing anything worth keeping here. That doesn’t mean there isn’t a need for more “end-game” activities. We aren’t ready to disclose any new ideas now because we’re focused on Career Mode and anything we bring up now could end up getting scrapped later and we’ll have the same issue we have now.

    3. Multiplayer: There’s been a LOT of misinformation about this specific feature, so let’s clear up a few things. This has always been a goal of the development team and has always been on the plans. Regardless of any public declarations in the past, fact or fiction, internally, multiplayer was always a possibility and we wanted to spread this info when the time was right. We decided to share this news now because multiplayer will be part of completing the scope of KSP. It won’t be prioritized ahead of Career Mode but as part of our scope, we will start working on it in 2014.

    One last thing we wanted to discuss was what it means to be an Early Access game. While we share a lot in common with MMO-style development processes, it is different in that the MMO is essentially complete from the start and receives new updates to extend content for players who have done everything. The Early Access game is still incomplete and must devote development time to adding features that might not seem important to experienced players, but make it easier to be picked up by new players, or make the overall game experience more complete, even if it doesn’t make it more lengthy.

    We hope this explains our plans a little more clearly and answers any questions from last week’s event.

    Happy Launching!


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