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    Hello everyone! Damion Rayne here, KSP CM. Capt Skunky and I along with the Dev team have spoken a lot recently about the state of the community and wanted to thank you all for being such a great group of gamers and dedicated fans. As a note, we're undergoing some changes over the following week.
    Test Team - The Test team will be wiped this coming week, and rebuilt from the ground up. As well as increased from 60 members to 100. Stay tuned for more information!
    QA Team - We're building a 15 man top notch NDA QA team, this will require an in-depth interview and application process, stay tuned for more!
    Wiki Team - We're going to be moving the wiki to an official server! As well as building a moderation team just for the wiki to keep it up to date! Stay tuned for more information!
    Media Group - The KSP Media group will receive some special assistance from the community management team to help them better co-ordinate "Media Releases"
    And more!
    -New Dev blogs to come!
    -New KSP TV stream schedule and content line up!
    -More contests over the coming months!
    -DR KSP CM


    Win a chance at Space with Kerbal Space Program!

    Contest Information
    Team KSP is partnering with IDREAMOFSPACE (www.idreamofspace.com) to bring you a chance to win a suborbital flight!
    Contest Rules
    1. Take a screenshot in KSP
    2. Upload that image to your favorite image hosting location, such as imgur.com and others.
    3. Make a thread in this forum, with the title "[myname] dreams of space", example if I was doing it, "Damion Rayne Dreams of Space"
    4. You get ONE thread per user, and ONE screenshot PER thread. Duplicates will be deleted.
    5. Embed your image in your thread, like this,
    First make sure you're using the "Advanced Editor"
    Step 1: Go into your user control panel located under "Settings" in the top right corner of the forums,

    Step 2: Select "General Settings" and then scroll down to "Misc Settings" and make sure "

    Enhanced Interface - Full WYSIWYG Editing; is selected.

    Step 3: Insert your image using the image insert function, this icon,

    Step 4: Make sure your pop-up box looks like this,

    *BE SURE TO MAKE SURE "Retrieve remote file and reference locally" is NOT selected!*
    Step 5: Insert your image URL into the text field and hit OK, boom your image is up!
    The real big rules!
    1. You will be disqualified for any screenshots that showcase something that can not be duplicated in-side KSP! This means no pics of your ship orbiting the real planet Earth!
    2. Your image must be capable of being replicated in the game!
    3. Post Processing is allowed.
    4. Hyper-Edit is ok, we don't care how you got it there, as long as anyone else can as well.
    5. Any cheating will be caught and you will be disqualified as well as face other punishment such as removal from the forums for good! Everyone deserves a fair chance yeah?
    How to vote!
    Use the thread rating system, it looks like this,

    *You get one vote per thread! Use it wisely! And remember, a vote of 1 star is still a vote!*
    How long do we have?
    2 Weeks from 17th! On the 31st of January, we will shut this forum down and tally up everyone votes and announce the winners!
    What's the terms and Conditions from IDOS's side?
    What about if I'm under 18?
    The ticket will go to your parent or legal guardian until you're old enough to use it, sorry, but this isn't our deal it's all the space guys stuff.
    We suggest using BOSS
    Good luck from Team KSP!

    Over the last week I've been working on a way to bring KSP Community members together outside KSP, and give a place for fans of KSP to enjoy other games together. I've found a few options and I'd like to share them with you!
    Jebs' House
    KSP Steam Community!
    http://steamcommunity.com/groups/JebsHouse - Feel free to join at your whim! As a note, Team KSP might join some games with you!

    Space games are awesome!
    I'll be making groups in-game for Eve Online and Dust 514!
    Eve Online - http://www.eveonline.com/
    Stay tuned for more information regarding these groups as well as Eve Online and Dust 514!
    Community Related Content Updates
    KSP Social Media Network contains several websites,
    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Kerbal-Space-Program/240760572609841?ref=ts&fref=ts
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/KerbalSpaceP
    YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/KerbalSPOfficial
    Tumblr Dev Blog: http://kerbaldevteam.tumblr.com/
    Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/KerbalSP/new
    Content Udpates: Space, Space Related, Gaming, and Space game related content on all these areas to make sure you've always got something fun to do with your fellow KSP Fans!
    Community Gaming Events
    We intend to have community gaming events as well!
    -DR KSP Community Manager
    PS: Welcome to Jebs' house!


    KSP meets Git!

    By HarvesteR, in Developer Articles,

    Up until now, we've been using SVN for version control. SVN is ok, but 'ok' isn't quite good enough....
    Git on the other hand, is awesome.


    If you're not a developer or version control enthusiast, here's the backstory: Git and SVN are version control systems. They allow multiple developers to work together over a single project, letting us manage revisions, commit changes, and generally work over the same files without making a huge mess of things.
    We've used SVN on KSP so far, and SVN, while simple to use, has some limitations that can turn into big issues as the project becomes larger and more people start working on it.
    For instance, in SVN, everyone commits changes to the same repository, which means if I change a piece of code that creates a gamebreaking bug and commit that, everyone's game will break as well.
    That led us to have to impose rules regarding who can commit and when, to prevent someone committing a gamebreaking bug as the game is under experimental testing, and other such stupidities that come from working with a limited system.
    We called that "Feature-Lock". While in Feature-Lock, no one was allowed to commit any changes unless they were bugfixes to the current experimental version. That worked to prevent gamebreaking commits during release times, but it also meant that people who didn't have bugs to fix were restricted from working properly until release time was over... And then their copies would have a huge amount of uncommitted changes to push, and merging all that would be a big problem.
    Now, Git is a much more elegant and sophisticated version control system. Unlike SVN, there is no single central repository that receives changes from all users. Git excels at something called 'branching'.
    Branching allows someone to work on something, and keep version control of it, without affecting the main version (the 'trunk') for everyone else. SVN has branches too, but in SVN, creating (and later merging) branches is a complicated and failure-prone task.
    Git on the other hand, can do this:

    This ease to create and merge branches allows us to create branches for each feature. The idea is that every feature we work on, be it a new set of parts, or a new feature to the VAB and SPH, wouldn't exist on the 'trunk' (or "master" in Git) until it is stable enough to be added to the project without creating game-breaking issues. Each feature would live on its own branch, and the master copy would always be kept at a stable state.
    This means features become very modular. They don't exist on the release version until they're ready to go, which means if a feature doesn't make it in time for a release, we don't need to do anything to remove or hide the incomplete implementation. We just don't merge the feature branch into the release branch.
    It also removes the need for Feature-Lock. When we go into experimentals, we can simply create a new experimental branch, which would only get bugfix commits. Any features that don't make it in won't affect that branch, and they in turn can get the bugfixes implemented for the experimental.
    Now that we have some room to breathe again, after the madness that was the 0.18 release timeframe, we set aside some time to do the transition. We had to re-upload the entire project to the new git repo we created on GitHub (it's a private one, we haven't gone open-source)... That took a while, since the KSP project is many GBs now, and we had to reconfigure our build pipeline to use the new Git repo instead of the old SVN one. Took some doing, but it's definitely worth it.

    So, what does all this mean for the average KSP player? Well, at first, not much, other than the knowledge that your favorite dev team now has a much better workflow and doesn't have to worry about one dev's work breaking the game for everyone else.
    In time though, this improved workflow might very well translate into faster development times for features, meaning more features on each update, and less trouble with half-implemented features, meaning less bugs as well.
    That's about it... Just wanted to share the news with everyone.


    A Kerbal Holiday!!

    By danRosas, in Developer Articles,

    There's a new Kerbal adventure on YouTube! You can find it here: http://youtu.be/2jEzk7vrrbA
    And there's also a special wallpaper for your desktop in case you want a more kerbalish Christmas decoration.
    1920 x 1080 http://i.imgur.com/MGLQR.jpg
    1280 x 720 http://i.imgur.com/wUTnT.png
    1024 x 768 http://i.imgur.com/H2KMn.png

    Happy Holidays everyone!

    Do you remember this cartoon from your childhood days?

    We do, and we remember how it made us laugh...
    So what are we getting at? Starting tonight and lasting until KerbalKon tomorrow you've got time to make a KSP video with the Good Idea/Bad Idea theme, upload it to YouTube and send it to us @
    [email protected]
    The top 10 videos to make the KSP Team laugh their socks off will get an honorable mention,
    The Top Video will win something very special. What is that something? Come to KerbalKon and Find out!
    -DR Community Manager

    Wanna look like a Kerbal for KerbalKon and beyond? No problem we've got you covered! Below are some examples of the Kerbal Mask the dev team has made, take a look,



    So how do you make one of these? Simple,
    First, download the .zip file from one of the link below,
    Squad Server Direct Download: https://kerbalspaceprogram.com/files/KerbalMask.zip
    Second, open the .zip and then open the file named "Instructions for Assembling a 3D Kerbal Head." Follow the instructions, and be sure to place the .pdo file into Pepakura viewer located here,
    Those of you who manage to pull this off and share it on Facebook and Twitter with us, will win a prize during KerbalKon tomorrow!
    -DR Community Manager

    As many of you may know, KSP Version 0.18 is still in "Release Candidate" testing, but we've picked 10 KSP Youtubers and given them access to the most recent "Release Candidate" version of KSP, and given them permission to Review and Showcase this version. As a note the release date is still TBD. Stay tuned to this posting, as videos will be added as our "Media Group" makes them, thank you and Fly Safe!
    OperationDX - https://www.youtube.com/user/OperationDx1?feature=watch

    xPDxTV - http://www.youtube.com/user/xPDxTV?feature=watch

    Scott Manley - http://www.youtube.com/user/szyzyg?feature=watch

    StreetlampPro - https://www.youtube.com/user/StreetlampPro?feature=watch

    Chickenkeeper - http://www.youtube.com/user/Chickenkeeper24?feature=watch

    HOC Gaming



    By RayneCloud, in Developer Articles,

    Announcing Kerbalkon 2012 and Kerbal Space Programs 2nd Anniversary Event!
    Come and Join us on November 30th 2012 at 0800/8AM CST (0900/AM EST) (1400/2PM GMT)
    What can you expect? 16 hours of awesome plus more!
    16 Hours of Dedicated Team KSP/Squad Content


    [*=center]Dev Talks!
    [*=center]Special Previews of upcoming services!
    [*=center]Special Youtuber Guests such as KurtJMac, Scott Manley and The Winter Owl plus others!

    Master of Ceremonies: Team KSP Community Manger - Damion Rayne
    Assitant MOC: Team KSP Community Manager - Capt_Skunky

    Team KSP

    Lead Game Developer:
    Felipe Falanghe (a.k.a HarvesteR) 
    Game & Server Developers:
    Alejandro Mora
    Rob Nelson (a.k.a N3X15)
    Game & Tools Developer:
    Mike Geelan

    Technical Artist:
    Chad Jenkins (a.k.a. C7)
    3D Artist:
    Daniel Rosas
    Content Design:
    Jeff C. (a.k.a. NovaSilisko)
    Jacobo Rosas
    Ean Moody

    Sound & Music Design:
    Edú Castillo

    Mario Maqueo
    Marco Salcedo
    Additional Art:
    Juan Carlos Demeneghi
    Iván Vázquez
    Community Manager:
    Anthony Keeton (a.k.a Damion Rayne)
    James Kupperian (a.k.a. Skunky)
    Executive Producers:
    Ezequiel Ayarza
    Adrián Goya

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