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  • The Grand 0.90 Plan


    Hey guys! It’s that time again, here with the general plan for 0.90

    But before that, let's talk about the 0.25 plan. As I explained in the previous version, we were showing you what we were trying to get into the game, I am happy to say we succeeded in most of this except for these two things. Call this a mea culpa. Or the best laid plans of Max and men.

    • Kerbal Experience - We got the coding done on this part, the system is functional, Kerbals can log where they go and all that… but we found the aspect of having to pay Kerbals per mission turned them from enthusiastic volunteers to mercenaries. Thus we decided to sit on the feature til we came up with a better approach.
    • MK3 Overhaul - We got the models done! We got most of the code done… but the scale of the overhaul didn’t feel right. Going up a tier should feel like a sufficiently large upgrade, and as such it should have more options open up for you. Being as Porkjet was fantastic about adapting SP+, we figured we could go even further next time around.

    However - we have a general plan to stick to, features to deliver on and motivational whipping sessions to hand out, so let’s talk about what’s coming in update 0.90!

    • Editor overhaul - Boy has this one been a long time coming. We’re improving part sorting, adding 3d widgets to make building way easier and overall make it a more pleasant, reliable experience. No more fiddling to get things to fit!
    • Kerbal Experience - We’re using the created experience tracking system to give Kerbals traits. These traits will level up as they partake in missions and accomplish goals, increasing the unique passive bonuses each Kerbal will be generated with.
    • Extra Contracts - We’re adding a couple new contract types. We’re also integrating the related mod ‘Fine Print’ to stock. S’really good.
    • Biomes Everywhere - Revising all of the old ones and adding new ones to every single planet and moon.
    • MK3 Overhaul - We’re going to be working with Porkjet to get as much of this as we can for 25. The general scope for this one dwarfs the content in SP+, so we hope you can understand this one will take time. Attempts to clone Porkjet have so far been unsuccessful.
    • Upgradable buildings - The last big feature missing from career mode and the reason why our art team has been chained to their desks for months now. Every building is getting a tech progression path which will slowly unlock all of their current capacities and some new ones. Take your space center from an amateur project to a world class space center.

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