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  • To The Mun and Back: A Tale of KSP, NASA and Asteroids



    Polygon writer, Charlie Hall spent a week with us seeing the sights, experiencing KerbalKon as it happened and getting to know the story of Kerbal Space Program. You may find out some things you never knew about the game's history, where we are today and the seemingly bright future, which includes NASA-partnered content. Here's a quick taste:

    "Since the day it was released, less than three years ago, KSP has grown to be so much more. Beneath its childish surface lies a a complex physics system churning through mathematical calculations so expertly, real rocket scientists would blush to see it. KSP has even earned the respect of NASA  many of its employees play it regularly.

    These past few months the team at KSP and the team at NASA have developed a professional, although distant, relationship. And this year they will begin to work together.

    Soon the Kerbals will embark on the next phase of space exploration, more than a decade before their real-life human analogues. NASA hopes to land humans on an asteroid by 2025. It's their most daring mission in a half century, and they've asked the small team of eight developers headquartered in Mexico City to help promote that mission through their game."

    The article is a lengthy, well thought piece that everyone on the team highly suggests you go read.

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