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  • Goodbye, friends


    Hello everyone,


    It’s a very (very) old expression: “there is an end to everything, to good things as well”. It’s held true since it was first said, and it holds true for my time at Kerbal Space Program as well. Although I’ve always known that new things would come along, saying goodbye to a project I’m invested in as much as this one is never easy and never comes at an opportune moment.


    Just under four years ago I started posting on these forums, helping out in Support where I could, and creating some rudimentary support documentation. Not long after the request came to join the experimental testers, soon followed by one to become a forum moderator. Two years ago I was then given the chance to come on board officially at Squad professionally, working my way up from Lead Moderator - taking care of the forums only - to Community Lead and taking charge of many more aspects of the community as well as PR and marketing. There’s been a lot to learn along the way, and I’m especially proud of having been able to help guide the game through it’s official 1.0 launch.


    During this whole time the community never ceased to amaze me. Between forum posts, videos, livestreams, private messages, and any other avenue you can think of there was always something to brighten a day when working with you. I especially love reading about ways in which the game has touched people’s lives, and made them realize a previously undiscovered passion, or even inspired them to pursue a career or education in rocket science.


    Now it’s time for me to move on to new and exciting projects, but I could never forget the time spent here. I thoroughly enjoyed working with the developers, taking care of the community, and of course playing the game. I can only hope you manage to inspire Andrea and Daniele similar to how you inspired me. To go back to where this post started: there is an end to everything, to good things as well. Thank you all for being an amazing community, I hope you never stop being that. Feel free to poke me on the forums or on Twitter at any time, and you’ll definitely still see me visit a KSP livestream every now and then.


    Fly safe,









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