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  1. I would blow out my brains. Kurt Cobain style. What would you do if the contents of the HGR mod was included into KSP as stock and they hired Orionkerman as a content designer?
  2. With the IVAs, I wish that kerbals when controlling it, moved the control sticks on their seats.
  3. This mod looks cool, and Ippo, that avatar of yours is making me laugh so hard.
  4. Well, I mean, you could include the plugin with the DL. And when do you approximate that this will all be in the full release?
  5. Orion, I think you could BahamutoD's plugin to make it so the covers will open when the engine is in use, and close when not.
  6. Ohhh, love this mod. Is the antenna based off of the Igla system? And does it serve a purpose? Also, the Polaris should seat 6 like the Fuji would have.
  7. Orion, tip, add moar antennae to the service module, and could you make a deployable mechjeb antenna like the igla system on the original few Soyuzes? Plz?
  8. But I don't think that those fins are deployable, they are way too large, and can you even put stuff on the fairings? Oh, and for proof of covers, go to the Soyuz 5 page on Wikipedia, and look at the first image. What are those little white panels under the base of the solar panels? Oh wait, I think they are solar panels. Huh, no proof, pfft.
  9. Because they were on the original Soyuz. But they would be bare bones covers, rectangular covers that are like the stock covers. They would flip out, then the panels would come out, and Orion, Soyuz panels only get power from one side.
  10. Orion, I think that the original Soyuz solar panels had covers, so can you maybe add ones with covers? Plz?
  11. You mean the Mün? And I would take a bottle of oxygen, and start breathing it in as I ran back to the ship. What would you do if all of a sudden, squad went bankrupt, and was bought by Microsoft?
  12. This is weird. KSP has to have this modded in, while, like, EVERY other game has this built in. But then again, it causes severe glitches sometimes.
  13. Yeah, I'm getting back home today, so I hope my parents will let me on the computer and test out all these cool gadgets. Oh, and I think a good placeholder IVA would be porkjet's TMA-1 Orbital Orb. It has a very similar design. Oh, and for the Lima, that's very awesome. But just a tip, try to make a different coloured onion/lemon to go with it. And maybe add some long antennae to place instead of solar panels like with the Soyuz 7K-T series. And maybe make a set of Probe/Drogue style docking ports, and if its possible make it so that only the male and female ports can dock with each other, and
  14. Well, as I said, I haven't been on my computer because of vacation, and I haven't gotten to experience all this soyuzy goodness. I want to get back so bad. Are you going to add a PPTS to the group too sometime?
  15. Orion, for the lifting engine, I suggest adding "verniers" which are micro engines on the engine that do the gimbaling instead of the main engines. It's how they do it on the Soyuz. And I also suggest a radial, conical tank with built in decouplers.(to replace the nose cone possibly.) EDIT: Oh, and does the onion/lemon have an IVA yet? I haven't been on my computer, meaning I haven't been able to download this, meaning I don't know.
  16. Wait, yogui, can you add a hotfix to the ESA pack to make the flags transparent?
  17. You have a very good point. And either MrTheBull is hard at work still on the IVA(very unlikely), Preparing a surprise, or just simply taking a break, which, I don't doubt.
  18. Yeah, I'm gonna change mine to lemon when I get back on my computer after I get back from vacation.(I'm on my iPhone right n
  19. Orion, don't get me wrong, but the G90 is just not good for the launch engine. Make a small 4 engine cluster with verniers for gimbal that looks like the cluster in real life. For the R-7 rockets.
  20. Wait, so is he doing the Mercury IVA?
  21. I fail to stop jeb from smashing kerbin into the sun.
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