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  1. Rakaydos

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Air drag ullage. the fuel pools at the bottom on the tank because the rocket is being slowed by the air it passes through. Turbopumps can manage it from there. What's going to be interesting is how you keep it in the tank right after staging, when air resistance is going the other way.
  2. Rakaydos

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Dont need a heat shield to abort on launch. "Sniper" is grounds for an abort, right?
  3. Rakaydos

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Oversize them by 50% so a single broken channal can be covered by it's neibors, and test the system for leaks before entry, so you have time to do field repairs.
  4. Rakaydos

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    No COPVs to be sniped, the only head pressure is autogenus pressurization, and landing tanks are tiny targets not visible from the outside.
  5. Rakaydos

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Solar Thermal power.
  6. Rakaydos

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    "Hey, that other rocket landed in the water and may get reused, why cant I? Bias, I tell you!"
  7. Rakaydos

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    The TUFROC deal was made well before Elon's recent revelations about "heavy but strong" metallic structure.
  8. The issue is that your wormhole ends can be in the same space at different times. So you can go in one end of the wormhole, come out the other side, earlier, then GO BACK INTO THE FIRST END (again, before you went in the first time) to go further back in time. Hey, there's still i-vector thrust to sidestep lightspeed...
  9. Rakaydos

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Titanium heat shield hull is the leading contender, IMO.
  10. I'm also something of a fan of the FTL in Old Man;'s War. Basically, they jump into a parralel dimention formed by the decay of a quantum superposition somewhere in the nearly infinite universe. Since it's easier to reach universes closer to our own, that one Schrodinger's atom is the only difference between the universes. But you arrive in the dimension in a different place than alternate-you (who, odds are, do not contain that Schrodinger atom) left the dimension, giving you EFFECTIVE FTL.
  11. Negative velocity doesnt make sence. Do you mean Imaginary velocity? it's a bit complicated to explain, but adding a Sqrroot(-1) component to your velocity lets you sidestep the worst of the time/mass dialation related to acceleration to lightspeed, letting you re-merge with "normal" space on the other side of the light barrier. It was in novels I read by a physisist, Cathrine Asaro.
  12. That depends on the assumption that negative matter is attracted to positive matter. I linked to work being done on a way to have negative matter in physics that DOESNT give us a perpetural motion machine.
  13. I mean, it's still negative mass, with negative gravity (at least for us positive mass observers), so I would assume so. The actual math is beyond me, but the information was posted here: https://forum.nasaspaceflight.com/index.php?topic=43501.0
  14. Someone who knows the math of the theory would be a better answer, but if the analogy of "the opposite side of the spacetime sheet" works, there is nothing for the positive-mass photon to interact with on the positive side of the sheet, only the sheet itself gravitationally.
  15. I recall reading a different theory that explains negative matter in a way that is mutually rebelled by positive matter, but is attracted to other negative matter. Janus cosmological model, or something. Basically, if positive mass is a bunch of beach balls on a rubber sheet, negative mass is a bunch of helium balloons UNDER the rubber sheet. the beach balls clump up in depressions, the baloons clump up in reliefs, and the depressions and reliefs try to stay as far apart as possible.