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  1. I see it as growing pains for a buerocracy faced with something it's never experienced before. While legally the FAA is in charge, noone -IN- the FAA has any idea how to handle rapid iteration, and are falling back to CYA. Where I come from, they would either get their act together before the next election, or we put local polititions on the spot until they agree that the problem should be fixed.
  2. Better than having a "fire sale" for private firefighters who are waiting to be paid before they save your house. "A Libertarian believes the government should not do anything a person can reasonably do themselves. A Socialist believes the government should do everything a person can not reasonably do themselves. If they could ever agree on what a reasonable person could do, there would be no stopping them."
  3. clearly fan speculation- there's a Facebook user watermark, but the only SpaceX logo is on the render.
  4. This is what the suit patch connects to:
  5. A post on NSF with an uploaded picture of the umbilical port. https://forum.nasaspaceflight.com/index.php?topic=38484.msg1847006#msg1847006
  6. I post an answer and get 3 mentions in like 2 minutes.
  7. The SpaceX suit has an air feed line under a patch at their right thigh. if the capsue loses pressure, they get their helmet and gloves on first, then, plug directly into the capsule's air reserves.
  8. Altitude compensation only affects the first 2 km/s of the orbital trajectory. Single stage to orbit is not the right approach. Actually, altitude compensation would be most effective on the first stage of a THREE stage to orbit rocket. Get out of the atmosphere, start a vac optimized second stage, land the first stage.
  9. You arnt accounting for "Get in on the ground floor, Get lucky, win big" type fortunes. Elon got the vast majority of his money from helping develop Paypal, and he got enough money from selling his part of that one company to start a car company and a rocket company, and beat the odds with both of them as well.
  10. Doesn't need extra fuel and ox. The Single Stage PTP was an unexpected outcome when they modeled too-shallow reentry, the kind of thing Apollo 13 barely avoided and that almost killed Neil Armstrong in the X-15(I think?) rocketplane. By planning for it, they can get more range than they expected out of near-orbital velocity.
  11. Actually, do. Stainless steel is a fine lightning rod.
  12. SpaceX released the Enviroment Impact statement for their KSC Starship plans. The lightning suppression sistem it literally "Ground the Superheavy into the existing lightning suppression system- it is it's own lightning tower"
  13. You're being confused by the fisheye lens- the exaust is further from the camera than the nozzle is, which makes it look smaller and overexpanded.
  14. Fun fact... Ifrit and Efreet are the same word.
  15. It's not a movie, but if you ignore the arbitrarally high ISP of the drives, The Expanse isnt that bad. Earth tech in Babylon 5 also generally follows earth physics.