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  1. I'm not sure I would consider it thought control. It's an extra stimulus, but the reciever makes their own decisions as to what the stimulus means. The testers even threw in some malicius interference, and the human reciever did a remarkable job sorting real transmissions from repurposed bovine waste.
  2. Rakaydos

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    I'm pretty sure tampering with stock price by making claims about changes in company status (taking Tesla private) is an entirely different level than PR footage.
  3. Rakaydos

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Because it's research that can be done for pocket change, relative to everything else they're doing, that can significantly reduce their cost for each launch they are being paid for.
  4. Rakaydos

    BFR concepts and ideas thread.

    At basic training, before all the training that make soldiers so great, my company's barracts fit two rows of 25 bunk beds (with lockers) in a smaller volume than BFR, and that was with full gravity.
  5. Rakaydos

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    10 ton class RCS thrusters.
  6. Rakaydos

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    An interesting thought over at NSF concerning the BFR "petals"- When plumes from underexpended nozzles interact, there's blowback on the octoweb. The petals could well be an additional vac nozzle for that blowback, which is strongest in vacuum, even without any actuation at all. But the pressures are low enough that it could actually be run as a variable geometry nozzle, giving altitude compensation all the way to orbit. Also, if they could actuate it, pulling it right against the nozzles functions as debris shields.
  7. Rakaydos

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    That's where the folding fins come in- they can tune the taildrag to balance horizontal during reentry, kill tail drag for the flip, then while the engiles are lit, lock s-foils in landing position.
  8. As I have heard it, Waves dont propagate correctly in universes with even numbers of spacial dimentions (2,4,6, ect) and 1 time dimention.
  9. Rakaydos

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    It also implies there's a version where some number of the engines are obscured.
  10. Rakaydos

    2mm hole in ISS

    Keep in mind, modern Russia is absolutely no Soviet Union. Their economy is basically the same as Mexico, who isnt trying to maintain a prestige space industry.
  11. Rakaydos

    How to design a fully reusable multi-stage launch vehicle

    Premice: a large advanced-propulsion engine is only useful in space, but needs occasional servicing on earth. (Say, inertial confinement fusion pulse, or similar "it works in the lab right now, not as propulsion" designs.) Advanced engine section is aerodynamic when 6 spherical fuel tanks are removed and a waterproof fairing applied. there is a 7th fuel tank sufficent to circulrize the engine at an orbital assenbily altitude once out of the atmosphere. This is lofted by a Seadragon style ocean launch of a methalox booster that returns to launch site after putting the engine section suborbital.
  12. Rakaydos

    BFR concepts and ideas thread.

    There's a significant per-seat price delta. It can come out of that and still be cheaper.
  13. Rakaydos

    BFR concepts and ideas thread.

    Fuel costs for BFR are only 200,000 per flight. it has 40 rooms that can handle up to 6 passangers each. 480 people, gives a price under $500 per ticket. The long distance plane ticket is $700.
  14. Rakaydos

    BFR concepts and ideas thread.

    https://www.eia.gov/dnav/ng/ng_pri_sum_dcu_nus_m.htm 3.81 dollars per Thousand Cubic Feet, industrial pricing, for Natural Gas. (methane) https://www.eia.gov/dnav/pet/PET_SUM_MKT_A_EPPK_PTG_DPGAL_M.htm 3.292 dollars per GALLON for Kerosene.
  15. Rakaydos

    BFR concepts and ideas thread.

    That explains why BFR will never replace regional airlines, but that says nothing about intercontenental flights. The fuel to keep a plane in the air for 10-14 hours despite air resistance is more expensive than the fuel needed to boost BFS into a suborbital hop, which means all else being equal the BFR is actually cheaper.